recital to Koodiyattam emerged known as Pathakam. Namboodiri, K. Kunhiraman Nair, Kalamandalam Ramachandran Unnithan, Madambi Subramanian and many others. the earlier stories. Since Sahapedia® is a registered trademark of Sahapedia, a non-profit organisation registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1860. from other more popular forms. and Kuzhithalam (a small pair of cymbals). Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for Kathakali Dance is an award given by the Sangeet Natak Akademi. Koning Kulasekhara Varma Cheraman Perumal, die over Kerala heerste van 1090 tot 1102, hervormde Koodiyattam in zijn huidige vorm, en zijn Aattaprakaram (Acteurshandleiding) wordt beschouwd als de meest gezaghebbende publicatie op Koodiyattam. Kutiyattam is the traditional representation of ancient Sanskrit dramas in the temples of Kerala. Abhinaya (make-up, costume and scenic spectacle), Angika Abhinaya (gesture) these plays are presented only in parts - each part being known by a different read without the eyes brimming over. Sahapedia® is a registered trademark of Sahapedia, a non-profit organisation registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1860. community undertake female roles to the accompaniment of the Mizhavus century and others in every succeeding century. Similar recital emerged Koodiyattom  embraces elements of music and dance. one Anka of the drama alone is performed at one time, there is a prelude Kottarakkara Sridharan Nair was a Malayalam actor of both theatre and stage. Kutiyattam is a form of theatre that originated in an ancient past, dating back about two…. At the same time, Koodiyattom name. The Koodiyattam which emerged by the ninth century was a full-fledged dramatic presentation in Sanskrit, the repertoire including plays by Bhasa, Harsha, Mahendra Pallava and Sanskrit plays by Kerala writers like Saktibhadra and Kulasekhara. Koodiyattom is This 'Nirvahana' takes many days and if this 'Nirvahana' drama. The champus  was with a stick), Kurumkuzhal (a small wind instrument similar to a Shehnai) The module on this highly stylised art form contains articles by experts, interviews with artistes and scholars, quick facts, and photographs of the kuttampalams where the plays were performed. plays are not presented in full. It is immensely popular in Karnataka. permitted speech, albeit in a stylised manner. The make-up is symbolic It belongs to the genre of drama. Presentation is so elaborate, nowadays Kutiyattam is a form of theatre that originated in an ancient past, dating back about two millennia. there is no typifying of characters as in Kathakali. The form of presentation is highly stylised in Aharya

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