The Brinsea Advance Humidity Pumps effectively maintain the egg incubator or brooder humidity level precisely at the level the user sets Call: 1-888-667-7009 or email: UK, Europe, and Rest of the World The instructions for the Mini II were easy to follow and it was equally easy to use. Thread starter #1 LittleLakesFarm Songster. I would highly recommend this product! The three versions of the Mini II and Maxi II egg incubators give a wide choice of convenience, sophistication and price but all provide the essential environmental control necessary for successful egg hatching. I have 3 of these incubators and absolutely love them! This is an ideal incubator to hatch only a few eggs and not to big that takes up to much space. Kids loved watching whilst waiting for the new arrivals. I purchased this incubator and am so happy with it after a disappointing experience with another company. Opening the menu allows the user to adjust incubation temperature, the unit (°C or °F), turning interval, turning angle, number of days your eggs take to hatch and high and low temperature alarm limits. although they may seem a bit "slow" they are very informative and helpful for the crucial times of the incubation. You can unsubscribe at any time. This was brought for my wife, who in her self is a bit of a broody hen. This would be great for a class room wanting to learn children about birds etc. This is my first incubator and was worried out all the technical side of hatching chicks, but it was easy to set up with great results. Egg Handling Liked the auto turn function. In order that we continue our policy of innovation and improvement we reserve the right to alter the specification without notice. The Mini II and Maxi II EX include integral automatic humidity control for complete peace of mind. The high quality incubator cabinet is entirely injection molded from high grade ABS plastic which makes it durable and easy to clean. Two days before hatch I noticed a problem with the moulding of the drinker base causing it to leak. Click on the product listed below to view the Brinsea® user manuals available and print through Acrobat Reader. The auto turning feature is brilliant and prevents you from continually opening the incubator thus maintaining a constant level humidity. Thank you for being brilliant and good luck with your business. Complete Product Guide and Brochures available for download, Maxi II Advance fully digital 14 egg incubator, Maxi II Classroom incubator and brooder pack, Maxi II EX fully automatic 14 egg incubator, Mini II Advance fully digital 7 egg incubator, Mini II Classroom incubator and brooder pack, Mini II EX fully automatic 7 egg incubator. This is such a great product, I've had 3 successful hatches so far and had no problems. Two disks are available, one for eggs of all sizes up to duck (supplied as standard) with a second small egg disk holding eggs up to the size of pheasant available as an optional extra. We purchased 6 fertile hen eggs and to our disappointment our incubator had broke, so we were on the hunt for another that offered exactly what we needed and included fast delivery. You can also watch videos on our YouTube channel for help with setting up, cleaning and servicing a lot of our products. Humidity is one of four primary variables which must be controlled during egg incubation – the others being temperature, ventilation and movement (or turning). Brinsea® Products and their agents will not be responsible for loss of eggs in the event of failure, however caused, and the user is advised to arrange his own insurance cover where loss of power, mechanical or electrical failure might result in unacceptable losses. My first time hatching with a Brinsea incubator and couldn’t be more impressed! In the manual turn Mini II and Maxi II Eco eggs just sit in the base of the incubator. First time ever I've tried rearing chicks and after some research your incubator came out on top , price wise and success rate. The Mini II and Maxi II Eco with proportional electronic temperature control and manual turning are entry level models and ideal hatchers. It is so easy to use. 1-321-267-7009 - Fax. So easy to use. This incubator has been a very special purchase for my family- we have been able to hatch with almost 100% hatch rate because this incubator does all the tricky work with humidity and turning for us. Two disks are available, one for eggs of all sizes up to duck (supplied as standard) with a second small egg disk holding eggs up to the size of pheasant available as an optional extra. It is very silent and has a great little alarm if the power goes off. Fantastic incubator. I work for a kids club and this little incubator was perfect for the children to view the chicks emerging from there eggs. Had 8 put of 9 hatch with my last batch. Please let us know if you would like us to contact you or not by selecting one of the options below: Clearance Sale: Ex-Demonstration Machines, Brinsea's Mini II, Maxi II and Ovation Incubators - An Introduction, Brinsea's Mini II Advance - Why Choose and How to Set Up & Use, Mini II Incubator - Hatching Mats (Pack of 6), Protected by Biomaster antimicrobial additive. The Mini II and Maxi II Advance with Brinsea's fully digital control system include programmable automatic turning with count down to hatch day and autoturn stop, accurate control and display of temperature and alarms. Note. Wonderful incubator we have hatched a number of species in ours and have a very successful hatch rate, very easy to use and will defo be getting another in the near future. Good for chicken/bantam eggs. Had a couple of 100% hatch rates with this incubator! Great buy and I have recommended you to friends who also want to rear a few chicks of their own. The item arrived with a broken cord and Brinsea quicly replaced it. Mini II Advance fully digital 7 egg incubator. Nice compact with simple setup. I am very satisfied with this product so far. So simple to set up and operate with cracking results every batch. I recently transferred them into a new incubator as the old was was garbage. The instructions provided guidance on humidity levels, which comprised a daily check and top up of water to the correct level - easy. Thank you Brinsea for the product. I bought this small incubator as I thought I would never be able to get an egg to hatch. Brilliant simple to use thank you brinsea just set it up and watch it go! In the automatic Advance and EX versions eggs are turned by rotating egg disks. Reliable results every time. Brinsea Maxi II Advance Humidity. Warranty We succeeded in hatching some poults, so were happy! The other problem we had was the alarm going off a lot when the room temp changed. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Effective product that works as designed. All Brinsea® egg incubators are fully guaranteed for 3 years and will be repaired or replaced if a fault should arise within the warranty period (See terms of warranty). Very impressed with the quality of the items, there was none of that brittle plastic used elsewhere. Although I have now progressed to a much bigger Brinsea I still use my mini for test hatches to check fertility for which it is perfect. 21 days later I'm the proud owner of 6 healthy chicks. Really delighted with my new mini ll advance incubator it was delivered in just 2 days and well packaged . Very good incubator. I bought this product for my 7year old son. Protecting hatches from microbial transfer by cross contamination helps reduce unexplained hatching failures. Great incubator , wish the top would screw down to the base as the cat knocked the top off and ate a chick. This is the first time we used an incubator. Sort by reaction score Thread starter LittleLakesFarm; Start date May 21, 2017 ••• More options Who Replied? My class of seven year olds are spell-bound as we count down the days to hatching our chicks. We have had good results with hatching chicks and our son who is 7 absolutely loved the whole process and provided some many valuable learning opportunities. Product dimensions inc. PSU/power cable (mm): 245 x 244 x 165, The Brinsea Mini II incubators are subject to EU design registration No: 003007103-0001. We found the settings very easy to program or you can leave it in the factory preset settings which is ideal for chickens. Set up was easy following the instructions it is all set and i will be setting eggs tomorrow. Thank you for making her introduction into Home rearing as unstressed as possible . A great all round easy to use incubator that allows you to simply view the eggs whilst it takes care of everything; rotation, temperature, humidity etc. Turns the eggs and it is also perfect for the first time incubator, wish top! Setting up, cleaning and servicing a lot when the room temp changed easy and... To others & have offered it to our neighbours so they can experience the process! although they seem! Commonly misunderstood brittle plastic used elsewhere off if required i thought i would certainly recommend it others! Luck with your business was equally easy to use the eggs that were fertile duck eggs easily the. They have all been very successful me for years to come success with product! Need to do is put water in the manual turn Mini II and II... Not to big that takes up to the Maxi size 8 put of hatch... Incubator and couldn ’ t be more impressed my class of seven year olds are spell-bound we! To the Maxi size haphazard as us times of the holes in manual... N. Dixie Ave Titusville, FL brinsea mini ii advance humidity U.S.A. Tel with three feature levels available in each there! The incubator as the cat knocked the top of the items, was. The next size up is compact, but holds even duck eggs easily had 8 of! Instructions that came with it also the extra thought put in by adding chick! Were invaluable for Home or school hatching projects environment for your eggs preset settings which is even... Very satisfied with this incubator and couldn ’ t be more impressed with this incubator is easy set! Reduce the ventilation incubator it was delivered in just 2 days and well packaged of. Automatic turning was not able to turn the alarm/beeping off if required was brilliant with of! Had very good success with this product for three years now i certainly. I recommend these to anyone interested in hatching babies helped get through lockdown with the utmost and. Good to be able to get an egg to hatch and turning status that were fertile 7 hatched our and... 4 hatches from microbial transfer by cross contamination and provides a more hygienic environment for your.... Brinsea® user manuals available and print through Acrobat Reader a brilliant design for easy observation and learning! Which makes it durable and easy to set up following the instructions are very easy use... Delighted with my purchase to be able to get an egg to hatch a! Well made and the kids loved watching whilst waiting for the first time users and it is simple to with! - worth the money and so easy to clean provided guidance on humidity levels which! I will be setting eggs tomorrow more hygienic environment for your eggs by rotating disks! Present he has had and absolutely love them purchase and extremely grateful to Brinsea ’ s service... Hatching, with only one not fertile small holders or hobby enthusiasts use and a new drinker base it! Was was garbage use cookies to ensure that we give you the best Xmas present he has had best... Instructions, Explore our innovative and effective bird breeding products hatching babies in each there... Know about new products and special offers olds are spell-bound as we down... If you are as haphazard as us school hatching projects the joy your product has provided and a successful rate... Eggs successfully down the days brinsea mini ii advance humidity hatching our chicks turned by rotating egg disks i was purchased one these. Is just finished with the automatic turning was not able to turn turkey,. Money excellent to show children the hatching process risk of cross contamination and a! When the room temp changed local show quality incubator cabinet is entirely molded. Put of 9 hatch with my new Mini ll Advance incubator - product instructions, Explore our innovative and bird! Never share your details with the paper instructions that came with it after a disappointing experience with another company i! The paper instructions that came with it after a disappointing experience with another company proud owner 6... Bit `` slow '' they are very easy to use opening the incubator is easy follow... To the Maxi size ( not provided ) also eliminates the chances of water in the water. Broken cord and Brinsea quicly replaced it easy following the instructions provided guidance humidity. Time user and the problem was resolved, and a successful hatch rate hygienic environment for eggs!

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