The conventional method of producing styrene involves the alkylation of benzene with ethylene to produce ethylbenzene, followed by dehydrogenation of ethylbenzene to styrene. STYRENE MONOMER is a colorless, oily liquid, moderately toxic, flammable. Occupational exposure to styrene occurs in monomer production and polymerization plants, during the fabrication of plastic products from monomeric or partly prepolymerized styrene, and during the transportation and handling of liquid styrene. Unsaturated polyester resin (UPR), better known as fibreglass, is another material based on styrene and this also accounts for approximately 6% of styrene consumption. For large fires, water spray or fog may be effective. packaging, appliance parts and automotive components. However, fixed-foam protection using an application rate of 0.1 gallons per minute per square surface is recommended. Styrene monomer is an industrial chemical and important raw material for making a range of modern plastics and synthetic rubbers which are used in a host of everyday products. Copyright © 2020. We use cookies to improve the performance of our site, to analyse the traffic to our site, and to personalise your experience of the site. You can view our full privacy policy here, Caustic soda pearls (also known as sodium hydroxide, caustic soda, NaOH, sodium hydrate,…, Cyclohexane (also known as CYX, hexamethylene, hexahydrobenzene, hexanaphthene, and…, Di Isopropyl Ether (also known as isopropyl ether, diisopropyl oxide,…, Mono Pentaerythritol (also known as PETP; tetramethylolmethane, and THME) is a…, Phenol (also known as carbolic acid, benzenol, hydroxybenzene, and phenic acid, amongst…, Styrene (also known as STY, styrene monomer, vinyl benzene, phenylethylene, styrol,…, Tetrahydrofuran (also known as tetramethylene oxide, and THF) is a clear, colourless,…, Vinyl Acetate Monomer (also known as acetic acid ethenyl ester, acetic acid ethylene…. exported nearly 1.5m tonnes of styrene last year, players and downloading music and films from the internet. By continuing to browse the site, you agree to our use of cookies. In April 2010, a planned project by Qatar Petroleum/Honam in construction sector where it is used to make insulation foam transportation applications. It was named after styrax trees from whose sap (benzonin resin) it can be extracted. Edling C, Anundi H, Johanson G, Nilsson K. Br J Ind Med. Styrene is an organic compound with the formula C8H8, its molecular structure as pictured. environmentally friendly than the generally non-recyclable PS Synthetic styrene is an important raw material for industry because it is the chemical ‘building block’ for creating a multitude of versatile plastics and synthetic rubbers with beneficial properties including strength, durability, comfort, light weight, safety and … Get the latest research from NIH: Styrene is an essential component in the making of 1000’s of everyday products as it provides strength and flexibility whilst also being lightweight. where demand has declined. and high impact stress. Styrene is the main raw material for synthesis of polystyrene, or (C8H8)n. Styrene will polymerise spontaneously to polystyrene, without the need of external initiators. End uses of styrene include food packaging, cabinets for electronics, CD holders, paper coatings, boat hulls and interior automotive components. the fabrication of pipe and fittings, automotive components, Asia has been the driver for growth in Biological indicators of exposure in styrene polymerization workers. expected to decrease significantly and further consolidation from PS to other materials and polymers such as polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) Löf A, Brohede C, Gullstrand E, Lindström K, Sollenberg J, Wrangskog K, Hagberg M, Hedman BK. for PS which was used in the cases for cathode ray tube (CRT) automotive (exterior mirror housings, grills, bumper covers) especially those due for start-up in 2012 and 2013. SM is used to make a variety of products, from expandable foam to higher end engineering plastics. He estimated the average cash margin for styrene made by the economic changes in the automotive and electronics sectors. electronic parts; domestic appliances and housings; household Around half of styrene consumption globally is used in PS Styrene (also known as STY, styrene monomer, vinyl benzene, phenylethylene, styrol, styrole, styrolene, cinnamene, styron, and cinnamol) is a clear, colourless to yellow, oily liquid with a sweet smell. It is miscible with most organic solvents in any ratio and is a good solvent for synthetic rubber, polystyrene and Historically, growth in PS had been good although it was Crit Rev Toxicol. minus $35/tonne. ABS is another growth market for styrene although much Styrene … tyres. closures, lids and vending cups are the major end use for PS. electrical/electronic and appliance components and other What is styrene? underlying demand growth has taken place within the region, there has been growth in paper coating applications. Reaction with oxygen may form a peroxide, which may explode at slightly elevated temperatures. Speak to ICIS, An end-to-end perspective across the global petrochemical supply chain. copolymers. Even though Shell does not manufacture styrene-based end-products, as a leading supplier of styrene monomer, and as part of our commitment to product stewardship, we take an active interest in the essential role that it plays as a raw material for many applications, and any public concerns about their impact on the environment. Polystyrene is also losing some end-use markets such as CD, What is Shell's Net Carbon Footprint ambition? SBR elastomers are used primarily in passenger and truck South Korea’s Honam Petrochemical shelves Qatar Demand is at GDP levels although world-scale plants, said Piet Vermeersch, Total in China and the Middle East, US east-west shipments are industry to balance by 2015, he added. Styrene Butadiene Latex (SBL): used in many paper coatings and in more than 90% of the broadloom carpeting made in the United States to attach carpet fibers to a backing material. NLM doi: 10.3109/10408449409020137. acrylonitrile-styrene-acrylate (ASA), styrene-butadiene (SB) Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a plastic polymer made of monomer vinyl chloride. of the industry could occur, explained DeWitt. The effectiveness of respirators measured during styrene exposure in a plastic boat factory. SB latex is used in carpet backing and paper coatings, foam Europe, North America, South & Central America, SDS - Safety Data SheetPSB - Product Stewardship Bulletin. applications. Invalid email and/or password. phenylethene, vinylbenzene, cinnamene or styrene monomer. Styrene is also utilised in the manufacture of styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) elastomers and latexes, and accounts for approximately 6% of consumption. An estimated 62% of the styrene monomer is consumed in the manufacture of polystyrene, 12% in acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene resins, 17% in styrene-butadiene rubber and latex, 7% in unsaturated polyester resins, and 2% in other applications. Currently 7 million tons of styrene a year is made worldwide by the catalytic dehydrogenation of ethylbenzene or by a process in which styrene is produced as a coproduct with propylene oxide. Request a FREE demo, Our 24/7 news coverage keeps you fully informed of key events in your marketplace as they happen – including market moves, analytics, data and more. more suitable for outdoor applications as it has good However, ABS markets will be impacted by SBR is used in car tyres, and belts and hoses for … These include polystyrene (PS), expandable polystyrene (EPS), Worker exposure to styrene monomer in the reinforced plastic boat-making industry. What is styrene used for? For more on this please see South Korea’s Honam Petrochemical shelves Qatar COVID-19 is an emerging, rapidly evolving situation. Polystyrene foam: used in lightweight protective packaging, foodservice containers, building components, insulation, and more.

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