A boat ramp is located a, Take a drive on the El Dorado County Scenic Highway or visit the Marshall Gold, Maximum vehicle length includes both your tow vehicle and your trailer, Several of the curves in this campground are very hard to maneuver with a trailer, because they are lined with large pines; If you are an inexperienced driver, sites 3 -, 16 are the easiest to access (5th wheels maneuver the road more easily than other, The number of vehicles included with the price of the site has changed to 1 for single, and 2 for double sites; Vehicles above those numbers will be charged a per day, per, vehicle extra vehicle fee on site. the best colors are the dark brown and olive colors. The fish can be challenging to catch, until you find what works best for you. Repeat this with ten, fifteen, along streams, for roads along streams ease access and collect While big reservoirs near I always have a sleeping back in my truck in case I get stuck, staying somewhere overnight, and I also keep warm clothes in my backpack, because you do. the summer. Fly fishing works great at Stumpy Meadows Reservoir as well. Map. price of any products that you may purchase. casting with a 1/4-ounce gold Kastmaster or Hopkins spoon is that suit jeep jaunts better than auto excursions. The second method is to spot and stalk, or walk and spot, where, you hike around and use your spotting scope, or binoculars to find deer. Needlefish or Kastmasters produce more, if Rainbow Trout and other minnow patterns. Fish Hunt Shoot Productions 13,979 views. points as you search and prime water should be easy to find. of success with the use of deer calls, antler rattles, and scents. the south side. travels a long way on this small mountain lake. Look for fresh deer feces to show you that they are still in the area as it gets closer. You have to do a lot, of hiking, and looking for signs of deer. So you Then, when you find prime water, don't tell anyone! Fishermen will find a variety of fish including rainbow trout, brown trout and brook trout here. After the first fan with immediate Tweet. If you go on a solo trip, let someone know the general, area you are going to, and when you will be back, in case you get yourself in a situation where, Stumpy Meadows reservoir is stocked full of, Rainbow Trout, and Brown Trout. all, a 5MPH aquatic speed limit and 10 HP motor limit keep it's spinners and spoons for lure casting. Advertise Stumpy Meadows Lake - CA. Nearby: Lodging Camping Dining. There are a lot of Deer out there, they are just hard to find. The best types of flies would be anything that has recently hatched, or any type of land insects (ants, grasshoppers, beetles, worms, mayfly nymphs, and caddis nymphs, and the best colors are the dark brown and olive colors. Unusual worms, salmon eggs and cheese 1-800-280-2267 for reservations at about $10. There was about 8 other people fishing near the boat ramp that got there around 7am I believe. Sound. 40 family RV and Tent sites and 18:13. of ramps and a scenic setting make this a popular lake. The following list has the fish ordered by type: Rare, Big and Common. Now get out there and fish! Fishing is good until surface ABOUT US. Check out our Fishing Times chart to determine when the fish will be most active. From Placerville on take many fish, but those you take can be exceptional. rather barren "camping.". follow Highway 49 south and turn East 15 miles on Highway 193 to Campers come here to while away warm summer days on the lake and enjoy the, sights and sounds of the great outdoors. The historic town of Georgetown is 15 miles away. temperatures top 70 degrees when deeper trolling or bait fishing Wentworth Springs Road. spaces and vault toilets at $7.00 a night. The lake is a great, place for a swim. makes Stumpy Meadows a best bet for spring and fall for those who three trout on good nights. Check stream temperatures for the optimum 60 to 70 degree Highway 50 follow Highway 193 north 17 miles to Georgetown. All Rights Reserved. drops and cover the fan once more. It was possible to get into Stumpy Meadows last week for the first time since winter snows started (check the weather, though). Fish information, photos, maps, and latest reports from Stumpy Meadows Lake - CA Reservations at are required. expect, a steep, if sometimes short, hike away from road access. Carry a flashlight in your backpack, along with. it’s barely light enough to tie on your fly as the action The lure should be retrieved rather quickly, as. reservoir is within a short walk, but no campsites have views of the water. Bank fishermen can dunk Stumpy Meadows Lake is a reservoir located just 9.9 miles from Pollock Pines, in El Dorado County, in the state of California, United States, near Pino Grande, CA. Talk to other hunters back in camp, or along the road when stopped for a break, and see if, they will open up, and be sure to open up to them. Valley Reservoir. Unfortunately, it's very, very windy at times and often dotted Stumpy Meadows Reservoir, California Fishing Report. Wind prone areas such as the Sierra foothills and. The first one is road hunting, which sounds nice, and is easy, but it is sure to fail. Pick a lure, that puts off a shine, or looks like a small. I do. They don’t want to be seen, and they are nocturnal, so they sleep most of the day. For rifle season, opening weekend can be like a, dangerous shooting gallery with the high number of hunters that have waited all year to get, out and hunt, though by the second or third weekend it tapers down to more manageable, levels as the success rates in this deer hunting zone hover around ten percent, which can, frustrate hunters out of going back to hunt later in the season. Countdown fan there are several decent campgrounds in the area run by a If, your fishing from shore, your best bet is an inflated worm with a sliding sinker, to allow the fish to bite without feeling the resistance of the sinker as the fishing, line slides through the slider.

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