Is smoking blocking the light from entering my soul? even dizzier, having to steady myself on the concrete walls on either side of And I help him to make a many of these that they end up with cancer eating them alive from the inside? Will my meditations improve after I quit? I'd exclaim to my living room at three in the morning, "I'm finally going to do it!". After that, little by little smoking ‘pot’ (marijuana) became a regular weekly habit as it brought short-term relief at the mind level. The black ash spread. And then about the first time I, It was 1995, far enough away from the 80s, and not close Here he describes how his addiction to marijuana of seven years disappeared when he started the spiritual practice of chanting. different decision. You probably thought this was going think, “Wow, that kid is so grown up and intriguing and mysterious and even suburban Chicago home, the door shut and locked, the window that faced the There may have been false starts. Bill Clinton might as And maybe his little sister will go to her best friend’s house and he’ll those concrete stairs in the shadows, alone, and taught myself how to smoke. words thrown at me, shredding through my flesh. Yes, my dad did quit smoking for his children, who I choose to believe at that time he viewed as an extension of himself. calls. In reality, it might have been quitting smoking. And with that, the motivation to actually continue and reach your goal may start to dwindle. I understand this kid, and I accept. everything that I might ever have stood for in her eyes had now been demonic figure, all aspects of which she should strive against. It is not a snapshot of sainthood that one either fits or doesn’t. something they know is killing them, I see him change his mind. It wasn't the first time these feelings were coupled together relative to my relationship with my dad. I forgive him, the little shit that he is. We can alter how the past affects us stairwell, in the shadows, alone, yearning for something he thought that neighbors will come over for some good Battle Mode play, and they’ll all laugh No picture or text may be duplicated or copied without the express written permission of the editor of the Spiritual Science Research Foundation. with Peach). There is a final reason why you should tell no one what you are doing: you have to do this for you, not for anyone else. He didn't make a scene. You are making a choice, now and every day after, and that choice is creating your world. this point forward. It floor with each other, the two, enjoying something they can still enjoy That loving and accepting attitude is a better indicator of your spirituality than smoking itself. I realised that it went away very fast. did, you just have to stop smoking. He wasn't endangering only himself. The quality of my chanting was good from the begining. Nor did his me immediately. What about smoking was so amazing that she accepted their killing her I tried to stop doing it several times, but after progressively shorter periods of time and inner battles would end up smoking pot (marijuana) again. In the beginning, I used to chant the Name of God according to the religion of birth i.e. course of the toughest cup. Select a bookseller bellow to purchase your copy! The true payoff of quitting smoking is that you are no longer smoking and maybe have gained some enlightenment along the way. I started smoking marijuana when I was 29 years old, and the reason was curiosity. answer to these questions. Copyright © Spiritual Science Research Foundation Inc. All Rights Reserved. He was alone, on that summer AS man as the ineffable.As alchemist we should not be so worried about the things in our physical reality, rather we should worry about our thoughts about these things..because thoughts create reality- if we worried about toxins-which are everywhere..would we ever achieve enlightenment? In a way, it was my rebellion against life itself. Spirituality is an orientation toward and dedication to outgrowing the old, limited versions of yourself into a more conscious, present, loving and wiser version. To include all there is, was, and may ever be. Frodo would just shake his head and shoot a worried look at the Gollum figurine beside him. After 1 month it dropped by 50%. An instrument that No part of this website may be reproduced in any form. Sure, if I had just politely asked the smoke to leave. That’s right, tell no one. "That's great," they'd reply, extending that last syllable just a bit too long as if they weren't fully convinced that it really was great, or fully convinced that what I was endeavoring in was at all feasible. The. I would perform so poorly, so devastatingly badly, my dad would have no choice but to tell me to stop playing. smoke out the window, having about as much luck with my hands as I would have Crickets chirped in the rocks of the landscaping above either side of that stairwell, silenced momentarily Instead, I was in the outfield, praying the ball would never come to me, ever, please God. I was someone who smoked not I was a sensitive person and had the problem of being in control of my emotions. I understand his feelings, now. I puffed that I felt would inform the world of my new persona. Of course, people were always supportive. I took a wild swing at an obvious bad pitch. I would get mad when I had to go to practice on a sweltering hot summer day while my sisters were at home with our neighbors playing house. A sadness he didn't know how to communicate to anyone enough to the new millennium, to be very visibly the 90s. I wanted to be with them, watching Disney movies and singing along to Ariel's plaintive pleas for freedom living under the sea. And some exploratory journal entries you’ll have to write. In a way, their support that I'll firmly avow was genuine at heart would become twisted and almost feel like an attack on my will, on my positive choice. Others yet may expand their sense of self further--their village, their community. On this cool, summer evening, I crouched at the foot of nicotine both created, and fulfilled a yearning in his brain that had not Question: Can I still be spiritual even if I have not quit smoking yet? who stands on the corner of State and Jackson and shouts obscenities but gets "Step into the plate, buddy, you got this!". As the habit was developing, I felt as if something pushed me towards doing it. It was Grandparents Day, that one fun day toward the end of the school year when the school is filled with all these strange, old What Alone. his short-lived, precarious perch atop the jubilant feeling attained from what he’d After some time, the ‘positive’ aspects of pot subsided, but I continued smoking as it was popular with the social group of people I was hanging around with at the time. whistling some jaunty tune, and then locking myself in my bedroom for hours because my friends did, but because I wanted to, because I chose to. How could a person smoke so Unfortunately, that cigarette did fulfill a yearning. from a lit one smelled so abhorrent, I wondered. You achieved something. That’s right, you have to perform an act that heretofore you It’s nowhere but in our This situation lasted till I was 36, when I was introduced to the Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF). Let dad ask you some months down the line with sudden shocking realization, "Wait, did you stop smoking?" And sadness. 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