But of course, the idea is control. Kratos dies. For those who are not aware, the Sisters of Fate are the three deities who determine the fates of everyone in the verse, and they do so through threads that are spread out through their temple. She says it raged on for "an eternity". All of them. Also, for the love of god, please check the section where I counter arguments made against my case before pointing out the mistake I know you're about to point out). One of the spear's moves is named "Scars of Uranus". The reason is that this move is WoG stated to be a stripped down version of Zeus's own dash, and that Zeus's version of it is basically godly in comparison to what he gives his warriors. The war was about equal before the Blade of Olympus was forged. = speed (please be fair) in-character Angry boi : Handsome boi : 9 He hungers. However, none of that would be true. So, this spear, despite its force, is nothing compared to the upper tiers of the verse. Gyges, Uranus's first son and one of the three hecantochires, states multiple times that Uranus gave life to the universe, that Uranus, as the son of Chaos, is the father of the universe, and that those who were born to Uranus have the right to rule all that he created. Kratos temporarily comes across a portal to an alternate dimension guarded by a statue of Nyx on Ascension, and said dimension, according to WoG, is a dimension that Nyx inhabits that has eternal night and is a mirror world of our own, containing a real moon in the sky and even stars (which makes sense, since Nyx in God of War is the same primordial of stars and the night sky seen in myth). BTW in actual Greek mythology he's actually the son of Pallace and Styx. Cory Barlog, the CEO of Santa Monica Studios, the creator of GOW games said this himself:-. “The way I see the mythologies (in God of War) is kinda like that Hubble telescope image. In the end, Kratos has to reobtain hope and get over his guilt at slaying his family to beat the life out of Zeus, ending the reign of the Olympians once and for all. Generally, any "King Thor" should stomp, possibly even one-shot. As far as back as God of War 2, Cory Barlog made a documentary where they established that Cronos fought Uranus, and overthrew him in battle in God of War's lore. Good game but he dies. And likewise Ascension is the same game that proved a legit universe for the series beyond any doubt. 100. So no, it's not a contradiction. In short, Helios can force a primordial being, Nyx, to retreat, with said Primordial having participated in a war with the explicitly Universal Father Uranus, as well as being confirmed to be comparable to him. @areneacaulem: Nah King Thor most definitely beats Kratos. These timeline statements came from the same game that introduced Uranus, and showed him creating the cosmos while fighting fellow primordial Ceto. These same sisters, despite having such insane reflexes and reaction bursts, are fooled, timed and outpaced by Kratos several times throughout their fight. You sort of wrap that around the Earth, and in any given moment, all of those mythological belief systems existed. This blog is being made in order to explain why the God of War profiles are rated the way they are currently. It wouldn't be fun. Speaking of which, the World Pillar is definitely not the only cosmic feat in Chains of Olympus. And I'll prove later that multiplayer-given lore is canon to the series. Birth, growth, death and rebirth. He also created and warps the Domain of Death, which is a separate dimension, but we have no clear confirmation on that dimension's size so that's an unquantifiable feat and just worthy passingly mentioning. By the way, I'd suggest putting that WoT in a spoiler block, as it'll clog the thread when someone inevitable quotes it to reply. The Multiplayer' Warriors, more specifically the Warriors of Zeus, have a short burst dash movement that is stated to allow them to temporarily advance at enemies with the speed of light.

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