I figured I was lucky if I could read one book deeply per month. It’s that challenge of trying to imagine what’s on top of the dresser – the small thing that’s always there on the periphery that somehow brings events into focus. I came back from California to New Haven to spend the summer learning Chinese, but because of Tiananmen Square, Yale cancelled the program. After seeing Tinker at Chinoisserie, Katey pace of a nanny dispensing sweets to the children in her care." To some degree, these conversations (with my grandmother in particular) solidified my view that her generation was less Victorian than my parents’ generation. My assertion of this as a turning point (like most such assertions) is rough, inexact and misleading, but it helps give shape to an evolution and bring into relief two ends of a jazz spectrum. So I really didn’t do any applied research for the book. A. I certainly hope so. Why is Q. In an incredibly short period, they formulated a system of ideals and practical applications, which has served us well for centuries. "Rules of Civility," the first novel by Amor Towles, chronicles a transitional year in the life of a young woman in Manhattan. --Amor Towles. charm school. In retrospect, a number of careers and marriages sprang from the intersection of social circles at that party – but we certainly didn’t realize the importance of the encounters at the time. At the outset, Rules of Civility appears to be about the interrelationship between Katey, Tinker, and Eve; but then events quickly lead Eve and Tinker offstage. Another one bartender, please.' I may or may not have skipped out on another meeting to come to this book club. The acid test for books of inclusion has been that they have been proven by history to merit multiple readings in a lifetime. - Telegraph 'Towles creates a narrative that sparkles with sentences so beautiful you'll stop and re-read them. My maternal grandparents lived across the street from me in the summers and I’d see them every day. None of the characters in the book are based on anyone in particular. ?s Kind of Blue in 1957). Do you think the influence of class is the same in today’s America? A. I’m very interested in periods where there is a density of creative invention: Like the early Renaissance in Tuscany (with Massacio, della Francesca, Botticelli and Donatello), or jazz in the late 50s in New York (with Davis and Coltrane and Monk and Gillespie); or crime drama on TV in the 70s (with Kojak, Rockford, McGarrett, and Columbo). Painting, music, the novel, architecture were all evolving, but at a pretty observable pace. Initially, I imagined Tinker as an avid student of the period. discovering upon completion of a project that some thread of imagery has When I told my seven-year-old son that I I was so glad to hear that a lot of the other readers really enjoyed it as well. I think the 1920s and 1930s had a certain openness that was countered by the conformity of the 1950s. in Hollywood, which follow her to Tinseltown in 1938. A central theme in the book is that a Something similar could be said of how Katey doles out information about references to churches, Paradise, the Inferno, Doomsday, Redemption Day, had written a book that was going to be published, he said: That’s Every time I sat down to work on the book, I needed two hours just to figure out where I was. Worst of all, in re-reading later drafts, I often found that the material from the first year was the best. rules of civility by Amor Towles ‧ RELEASE DATE: July 25, 2011 Manhattan in the late 1930s is the setting for this saga of a bright, attractive and ambitious young woman whose relationships with her insecure roommate and the privileged Adonis they meet in a jazz club … Are Dicky Vanderwhile, Wallace Wolcott, Bitsy, Peaches, Hank, and Anne Grandyn as essential to Katey's "story" as Tinker and Eve? What sort of things is Katey slow to reveal; and what drives Fun... (read more). A. And why is the life Tinker offers her so contrary to the new Like the book’s narrator, she pushed a rival in furs into the drink before ultimately accepting my grandfather’s proposal. Great characters. One of the pleasures of writing fiction is A. I’ve always had a great interest in the period between 1900 and 1940 – because it was a period of such incredible creative combustion. run through the work without your being aware – forming, in essence, an Is the I revised the book thoroughly three times over the next three years (mostly making it shorter); but the original constraint of a 12 month draft proved a much more effective artistic process for me than an open-ended one. Recommended to book clubs by 5 of 6 members. of celebrities that Mason Tate reviews with Katey at Condé Nast; there In my late thirties and early forties, I wrote a novel set in the farmlands of Stalinist Russia, which I ultimately stuck in a drawer. From 1935-1939, Goodman himself was stepping out of the big-band limelight to make more intimate improvisational recordings with a quartet including Gene Krupa and Lionel Hampton. Q. there casual encounters or decisions that you made, which in retrospect What it offers is a glimpse into my process including how I begin to develop elements of time, place, character, and tone. That said, what I found myself wondering was “What happened to Eve?” To answer that question, I wrote a series of six interlinked short stories called Eve in Hollywood. Katey Kontent, daughter of Russian immigrants, and Evie Ross, from the sleepy midwest, are an ambitious, wisecracking pair who, ... Sign up for your FREE email about the latest top book club picks, exclusive book giveaways, new releases, and online author events. On the big-band front, the power of the music naturally springs from the collective and orchestration. Christie "doles out her little surprises at the carefully calibrated If you have other questions or would like to be on my distribution list for rare news of my writing (and receive an occasional short story), please register on my Contact page. My first night in the city, I got invited to a party at the home of an acquaintance. Discussion Questions (Questions developed by the author.) What does he mean In 1989, I had a fellowship to teach for Yale in China for two years. The author is a great writer and tells a wonderful story. Editorial Review Amazon Best Books of the Month, August 2011 Set during the hazy, enchanting, and martini-filled world of New York City circa 1938, Rules of Civility follows three friends--Katey, Eve, and Tinker--from their chance meeting at a jazz club on New Year's Eve through a year of enlightening and occasionally tragic adventures. 9.) Rules of Civility by Amor Towles – review Amor Towles's tale of cocktails, silk stockings and retro chic is redolent of all the best New York films and novels Viv Groskop But having made these rough generalizations about transformation, I’d say that many aspects of 1930s social behavior prevail. Talk about the role of chance encounters in the book. Why is the What role do these motifs We clearly still live in an aspirational society. experiences? Q. great! herself. the family photographs that line Wallace Wolcott’s wall (including the Read my short piece for Condé Nast Traveler which is on my great-great-grandfather's hat box and his travels in the Belle Époque here. ?s Carnegie Hall Concert as well as examples of his smaller group work; there are precursors to bebop like Coleman Hawkins and some early Charlie Parker. I prefer to put myself in an environment that’s farther afield and look through the eyes of someone who differs from me in age, ethnicity, gender and/or social class. are the means by which life crystallizes loss." Below are some answers to commonly asked questions about RULES OF CIVILITY. Could you describe how the book was written? that I only recognized after the fact: Navigation (expressed through At the ... After Rules of Civility was published, I wrote a series of six interlinked short stories called Eve in Hollywood, which follow her to Tinseltown in 1938. As an investment professional with two young children, this structure proved hellish. were watershed events? Tinker had been important to her in 1938. One of those periods for me is the revolutionary period in America. ?s Playhouse, one of the key bebop gathering spots, opened in Harlem. I had all my belongings in my car and had no idea what to do with myself. In some semi-competitive or cooperative dialogue, the players bring out the best in each other by spurring inspiration and risk taking, while defining new forms and frontiers. With that shocking consideration as a backdrop, three friends and I formed a group to read extraordinary works of literature. Wonder Bread, Budweiser and Chock Full o’ Nuts found their place in pantries high and low (with consistency and low price being attained at the expense of differentiation and flavor). The book investigates the nuances of social strata in the 1930s. So in launching a new book, I decided it would be a distinctive first person narrative; all events and characters would be carefully imagined in advance; and it would be written in one year. Apr 1, 2013 - JUGS is a feminism, career, and conscious lifestyle blog and community with a focus on womxn entrepreneurs. It’s pretty depressing to work on something for seven years and dislike the outcome…. Then we did Cervantes and Borges before reading Marquez. We have just exited half a decade when virtually every tier of the American population has borrowed money in order to buy bigger cars and bigger houses with better fixtures. Katey Kontent, daughter of Russian immigrants, and Evie Ross, from the sleepy midwest, are an ambitious, wisecracking pair who, despite lack of money and connections, aim to set the city alight. In a sense, the two ends of this jazz spectrum are like the public/private paradox of Walker Evansâ? are the pictures that end up on Katey and Valentine’s wall. then events quickly lead Eve and Tinker off stage.

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