I have mentioned earlier that romaine lettuce just like more lettuce varieties prefer the cooler temperatures. Or, simply remove everything but the roots of the plant, which you'll leave in the ground. By simply applying these techniques on how to prevent this phenomenon from happening, you can grow lettuce the right way. Quick Answer: Bolting. Vegetable gardeners often talk about their plants "bolting," which simply means that the plant sends up a flower stalk and goes to seed. Provide a shaded area for your lettuce. In fact, very hot days speed up the bolting of your plants. You may still be able to eat it. If you find yourself tackling any or all of these hurdles your first step will be to plant the romaine where it can receive partial shade to keep it protected from the sun and heat. If your romaine still tastes good, you caught the bolt early enough and can enjoy your romaine in salads and sandwiches. In some instances, your container can make all the difference in the success of your garden. by Angela (Ashland MA) Our romain lettuce is about 3 1/2ft tall. This is why it makes sense to do some research and tests to determine what area in your yard is the best for growing romaine lettuce. This occurs to cilantro, basil, and broccoli. For instance, there are cultivars that bolt much faster than others. These names are often worded as Summer Bibb or Slobolt, and it may be worth trying them out. 3. But if you see a little bolting happening on your lettuce and it's still early on, don't toss it! Hi. But in addition to buying these seeds, there are some practices that can help prevent bolting in romaine lettuces such as the following: Since we have already established the fact that lettuces love cooler temperatures, then you need to grow them in such areas. If you are the avid gardener who checks their veggies every day, then you caught the bolt in time and the romaine may still be usable. This refers to the stage when the lettuce forms flowering stalks. Plus, I will let you in some tips and tricks that can prevent this from happening. Why Is My Romaine Lettuce Growing Tall? © Copyright text 2010 - 2020 by The Garden Prepper. There are several environmental factors that can lead to your romaine lettuce growing tall, or bolting: Length of the day. Romaine: if your heart is still set on this tall and ribbed leaf, then gravitate towards the Jericho romaine lettuce which was developed in the hottest region imaginable: Egypt. Using Vinegar to Acidify Soil for Blueberries: Does It Work? 1. It makes a great addition to salads or a sandwich. To keep things in perspective, other plants undergo bolting. Leafy (no head of lettuce forming, does it form on the end of the stalk?) If it's too late and the lettuce has gone bitter, you don't need to throw it all out. Mine do this right away as they're growing. The Scary Truth about This…, Are Zz Plants Toxic To Cats? Another factor that affects bolting in romaine lettuce is the length of time it sits in your garden before it is harvested. ANSWER: Lettuce plants that suddenly start stretching toward the sky and growing extra tall are likely to be bolting. Bolting isn't just a phenomenon that occurs with lettuce. Bolting produces bitter flavors in the lettuce, so it's best to harvest before this stage. Lettuce is very tolerant to sun exposure unless it becomes too prolonged, then you will need to provide partial shade to protect it. Affiliate Disclaimer: ThriveCuisine.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. There are several environmental factors that can lead to your romaine lettuce growing tall, or bolting: Once planted, romaine lettuce will adjust its growth based on how many hours of sunlight it receives. The answer to both of those questions is yes, so put on your gardening gloves, and let’s dig in. Are Black Spots On Broccoli Stems Safe To Eat? How to Prevent Bolting in Romaine Lettuce. Romaine type lettuces grow as a tall head with thick, ribbed leaves. A wonderful benefit of choosing to plant your romaine lettuce in a container rather than a stoic garden bed is the ability to change your plants’ exposure to sun and heat with ease. romain lettuce is very tall. Oh yeah and alot of grass has grown in under my irrigation system covered with plastic. Growing your lettuce in a pot also helps as this allows you to move it in a more optimal spot. The long, sunny days make bolting happen faster. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no additional cost to you. After doing this for two or three days, the soil should be cooler and more optimal for growing your crops. Unfortunately, lettuce prefers to grow in cooler weather. Harvest the bolted lettuce right away and do a taste test; does it still taste like romaine or has the bolting turned your leaves into bitter weeds? Romaine lettuce, like other lettuce types, likes cool weather. Soak your soil a couple of days prior to sowing. Why do some romaine lettuces tend to grow taller instead of lower? It is indeed a question that beginner lettuce growers ask due to such a surprising phenomenon. Learn to Care For Them Well! CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. I've been using it for salads etc. Arizona gardening hits the jackpot with heat, sun exposure, long days, and high risk of drought. Whether you purchased your lettuce at a supermarket or grew it yourself, a head of Romaine will likely still be able to sprout a few more leaves, or even re-establish itself as a whole lettuce plant! Otherwise, check out all your options for recycling and replanting. So, what does your romaine lettuce need? You may want to water them as regularly as possible to prevent the soil from getting dry and hot. Last year, I just harvested any leaves longer than a couple inches before they got too big. But it is also worth noting that the seeds impact the bolting process. If you choose to go the traditional garden route, be sure to plant your romaine lettuce next to a batch of radishes. All this is good for now is feeding the rabbits. Tiny Black Spots on Pepper Leaves and How to Get Rid Of Them. Soak your soil a couple of days prior to sowing. This article is going to explain the phenomenon and what you can do about it. Bolting isn't just a phenomenon that occurs with lettuce. An Expert Solution to Prevent... Common Lettuce Issue – Why Is My Romaine Lettuce Growing Tall? I like to grow romaine lettuce in my vegetable container garden. Well, there is one straight answer to that – and I’ll share more about it in today’s post. There are plenty of things you can do to keep bolting at bay. So, stick around to learn how to start growing perfect romaine lettuce that absolutely tastes great! Once the seeds have sprouted, you can already keep the pot uncovered. You'll see this accompanied by flowering, signaling that the plant is fully mature. Why Is My Blackberry Bush Not Flowering? In fact, bolting causes your lettuce to be bitter. You should also cover the soil with a board that should be wide enough to prevent it from drying up. Romaine lettuce, like other lettuce types, likes cool weather. If you tried your lettuce and found that the bitterness has already taken over, you have three options: Collect the seeds: in preparation for your next planting season, you can harvest the seeds from your bolted lettuce to be replanted. Romaine lettuce is a vegetable that likes cooler weather. Why and How to…, How to Pick Basil So It Grows Back: A Guide You…, How to Keep Basil From Flowering: The Guide You Need, A Helpful Guide on How to Grow Chaya Plant, The Problems with Growing Cauliflower You Should Be Aware of, When to Repot Zz Plant: The Right Time for a Successful…, Are Zz Plants Toxic To Cats? One thing you can do is plant your lettuce in shady areas of your garden. But sometimes I find that my romaine lettuce grows very tall and I wanted to know the reason for this. When they're a little over a few inches tall is a good time to pick the plants. Crisphead Lettuce: while difficult to grow, some varieties stand up to the heat (literally) including Nevada or Sierra Batavian strands. high risk of drought. Water your crops regularly. This goes for romaine and any other type of lettuce. This helps to keep the soil moist and cool. As the plant matures and when exposed to harsh conditions, bolting occurs. This is a question I encounter from beginner gardeners. Lettuce that's suddenly shooting up is probably bolting. Once planted, romaine lettuce will adjust its growth based on how many hours of sunlight it receives. The Real Answers Revealed! You need to keep your crops happy even if the heat in your area is something that is inevitable. However, it may not be very pleasant to the taste. Arizona gardening hits the jackpot with heat, sun exposure, long days. Large stalks of flowers now rest on the tops of what was once your promising buds and all you can think is: well there goes all of my hard work! How Much Sunlight Do Pepper Plants Need? If your romaine lettuce has bolted, not all hope is lost. This would allow you more control over the prevention of bolting in your romaine lettuce and increase your odds of a successful harvest. Consider buying seeds that bolt slowly, just as what is printed in the package. Thus, if you want to continue growing this crop, you need to give it the right conditions. Moreover, watering regularly also keeps the leaves succulent. © 2020 ThriveCuisine.com All Rights Reserved. Herbs can be deceptively tricky; they are small but can actually grow to fill the container they are in. Romaines are slightly more tolerant of heat … I'm Kevin, your friendly neighborhood gardener. Primarily, bolting occurs when you plant your lettuce in a warm climate. It depends on how far into the bolting stage the lettuce has gotten. It happens to herbs like basil and cilantro and vegetables like broccoli and fennel. Bolting will also reduce the flavor of the romaine lettuce leaves and make it bitter. Root vegetables need deep soil to thrive whereas tomatoes grow up and require supports to wrap around. Butterleaf has large leaves and stands up to heat the best of its’ competitors. Whether you are a seasoned gardener or a green thumb, once your romaine lettuce has bolted you might be asking if there is anything you can do to remedy the situation or if you can prevent it in the future? What Is Eating Holes In My Pepper Plant Leaves: Remedies to Know About, How to Get Rid Of Tomato Fruitworm: All the Advice You Need Now. It'll grow back when the weather is optimal for the lettuce. Check this video out to know more about how you can ensure the optimal growth of your crops. If you're seeing that your lettuce is suddenly getting tall and starting to flower, you're probably well into the warm days of summer. Sunshades can cut sun exposure from 30-40% which could make a huge impact on your crop’s success. You can blame this odd growth on this situation, which also impacts the quality of your lettuce. And it’s easy to grow. Romaine lettuce is quite simple in its housing requirements; it requires good drainage, at least 6 inches in depth for its shallow roots and enough space to be about 1’’ apart from its’ neighbor. It happens particularly in warm weather, but we'll give you some tips and tricks to deal with this issue below. The plant has sensed hot weather and wants to survive. If you live in a state that has prolonged heat and sun exposure, such as Arizona, growing romaine lettuce will probably be one of the hardest things you will ever do as a gardener.

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