This template is an anonymous needs assessment. Identify the top three processes you feel should be improved? Some examples are the process under review for improvement and how the process is being evaluated. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What would your ideal process look like? hD~х CJ UVaJ jљ hD~х UjЛA Next we define a simple but disciplined approach to such a program. 6. Define the problem (see probe review findings letter). The process improvement plan helps to identify, analyze and improve the processes and response planning . PK !          ѕ F F F F F F F Z " " " " > Z Х ^ ^ ^ ^ z U U U Ѓ Ё Ё Ё Ё Ё Ё $ ║ R h Е F U U U U U Е F F ^ z █ Й Q Q Q U л F ^ F z Ѓ Q U Ѓ Q 6 Q Є : █ , F F c ^ R љ╔ПЇ┬ " % ���z���ʼn�, � �/�|f\Z���?6�!Y�_�o�]A� �� PK ! f?��3-���޲]�Tꓸ2�j)�,l0/%��b� A process improvement plan is a documented strategy for optimizing processes. hD~х CJ UVaJ j hEe│ UhEe│ hEe│ 5Ђ\Ђ hEe│ ;ЂCJ $ M N Ї Ч ё Explain how the corrective action plan will be monitored. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Identify the environmental, cultural or resource barriers ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ M Ї ј ┤ х Х и ┴ ┬ У ж Ж в Ч § # $ % & B C i j k l ё Ё Ф г Г « ─ ┼ в В Эыьтьо╬тьть┐итьтьеатьтьЉЅтьтьzrтьтьc j|ЛA Set achievable due dates. hD~х CJ UVaJ j hD~х Uj}ЛA hD~х CJ UVaJ j hD~х UjЂЛA Identify the top three processes you feel should be improved? hD~х CJ UVaJ j╚ hD~х UjђЛA It is a proactive problem-solving approach that seeks to improve bottlenecks that exist in service processes. �cG�� � [Content_Types].xml �(� ���j�0E����Ѷ�J�(��ɢ�eh��5�E�����lj)%�Co�̽�H2�h��U��5)&�ɬT�H���-~dQ@a�����m ����f4�8�MHY��8Y Z��:0Tɭ�i��D�- 5. Why Process Improvement? 3. &. &F ёh^ёh ёВ`ёВ ёў■ёлё]ёў■^ёл`ё ёлё^ёл`ё ёёл^ё`ёл Identify the cause(s). Ѓ н 0 R t ; t c Z Z F F F F t F c U U Q U U U U U Е Е Z Z ц ■ $ Q Z Z ■ Process Improvement Template This template is an anonymous needs assessment. o ь Ь H I : + Щ ы № Ж Я о ╚ о ┬ о о ╝ Ж ╝ Ж № и и и ╝ Determine solutions. HTMLCONTROL Forms.HTML:Checkbox.1 \s Scope HTMLCONTROL Forms.HTML:Checkbox.1 \s Timeline Changes HTMLCONTROL Forms.HTML:Checkbox.1 \s Including Key Stakeholders HTMLCONTROL Forms.HTML:Checkbox.1 \s Allocation of Resources HTMLCONTROL Forms.HTML:Checkbox.1 \s Requirement Changes HTMLCONTROL Forms.HTML:Checkbox.1 \s Roles and Responsibilities HTMLCONTROL Forms.HTML:Checkbox.1 \s Scope Changes HTMLCONTROL Forms.HTML:Checkbox.1 \s Decision Making Process HTMLCONTROL Forms.HTML:Checkbox.1 \s Timeline Estimates HTMLCONTROL Forms.HTML:Checkbox.1 \s Meetings HTMLCONTROL Forms.HTML:Checkbox.1 \s Documentation HTMLCONTROL Forms.HTML:Checkbox.1 \s Lack of Metrics HTMLCONTROL Forms.HTML:Checkbox.1 \s Document Control HTMLCONTROL Forms.HTML:Checkbox.1 \s Other________________ How would you improve these processes?

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