A statue of Rizzo outside the city’s Municipal Services Building, and an armed police force protecting it, became an early enduring image of this week’s protests. Between 1972 and 1980, Philadelphia lost 90,000 jobs — General Electric moved 1,000; Frankford Arsenal closed with its 5,300. Benjamin Franklin arrived in Philadelphia in October 1723 and would play a large part in the city's development. Cities in the Wilderness-The First Century of Urban Life in America 1625–1742 (1938), This page was last edited on 26 October 2020, at 18:55. [97] The public and the press demanded reform and by the end of 1950, a new city charter was drafted. Fear of contracting the disease caused 20,000 residents to flee the city by mid-September, and some neighboring towns prohibited their entry. After the Tea Act in 1773, there were threats against anyone who would store tea and any ships that brought tea up the Delaware. Worst hit of all was construction, where payrolls dropped 84 percent. Streets were paved and illuminated with oil lamps. Note that all these pictures were taken in the 1960s, by which time industry was disappearing all over Philly. The Dutch never recognized the legitimacy of the Swedish claim and, in the late summer of 1655, Director-General Peter Stuyvesant of New Amsterdam mustered a military expedition to the Delaware Valley to subdue the rogue colony. Most people bought land along the Delaware River instead of spreading westward towards the Schuylkill. A newly organized Independent Democratic Committee reached out to residents. In 1964, rather than respond, much of Philadelphia’s business community retreated, speeding decades-long macroeconomic trends. After the Revolution the city was chosen to be the temporary capital of the United States. [102] Frank Rizzo was credited with preventing the level of violence seen in other cities at the time and was elected mayor in 1971. The new landowners did not share Penn's vision of a non-congested city. Thanks! People both inside and outside of the city commented that Philadelphia and its citizens were dull and contented with its lack of change. There is one I’d like to point out. When the French and Indian War began in 1754 as part of the Seven Years' War, Franklin recruited militias. The 1960 season was the Eagles' first postseason appearance since their last NFL championship season of 1949. The state law was challenged by French colonial refugees from Saint-Domingue, who brought slaves with them, but defended by the Pennsylvania Abolition Society. [78], Along with an image of "dullness" and of poor governance practices, Philadelphia was known for its political corruption. [53] In addition to its industrial power, Philadelphia was the financial center of the country. Took that trolley countless times when I was a kid in the 50s. The police dropped a satchel bomb on the house from a helicopter; it set off a fire that killed eleven MOVE members, including five children, and destroyed sixty-two neighboring houses. He is mentioned in an article entitled "A Philadelphia Business Directory of 1703," by Charles H. Browning. I’ve seen these several times, love the images and the memories they bring. surfit04@gmail.com. 1960s: (Commons)" Yet we know now that these neighborhoods were on the brink of massive social and economic change. pic.twitter.com/30f2Skpqog, — Jim #StayHomePHL Kenney (@PhillyMayor) June 3, 2020. Soon after, he fired 3,500 city workers, instituted pay cuts, forced unpaid vacation, and reduced the number of contracts the city awarded. Even though it was just a small minority of white people who enslaved Black people — “the equivalent of the 1 percent” — poor white folks still could have authority over Black people, she said. With the arrival of more numerous English colonists and development of the port on the Delaware, Philadelphia quickly grew into an important colonial city. The University of Pennsylvania moved to West Philadelphia and reorganized to its modern form; and Temple University, Drexel University and the Free Library were founded. This is such a fantastic collection.. Collective action ought not be the cause of disinvestment. Violence against immigrants also occurred, the worst being the nativist riots in 1844. Fantastic photos. In 1841, Joseph Sturge commented "...there is probably no city in the known world where dislike, amounting to the hatred of the coloured population, prevails more than in the city of brotherly love! At the time, the city had numerous unpaid bills, the lowest bond rating of the top fifty largest U.S. cities, and a budget deficit of US$250 million. The city encouraged development projects in University City in West Philadelphia and the area around Temple University in North Philadelphia, it removed the "Chinese Wall" elevated railway, and developed Market Street East around the transportation hub. RANDOLPH ST. A DEAD END STREET WHERE A STEAM TRAIN WOULD PASS & & YOU’D BE PULLING PEICES OF TINY COAL FROM YOUR HAIR ! He argues that working class artisans and skilled craftsmen made up a radical element in Philadelphia that took control of the city starting about 1770 and promoted a radical Democratic form of government during the revolution. My grandfather, Thomas H. Ronan owned Ronan Motors. Do you have any photos of the Germantown Ave and Westview Street trolley barn? One of the best rides in the city. That’s I-95 under construction | Photo: David Wilson, Girard at 5th, 1968 | Photo: David Wilson, Looking north on Girard from 7th | Photo: David Wilson, 11th and Morris, 1968 | Photo: David Wilson, 32nd and Tasker, 1968 | Photo: David Wilson, 4th and Market, 1967 | Photo: David Wilson, 8th and Sansom, 1967 | Photo: David Wilson, 8th and Walnut, 1967 | Photo: David Wilson, Germantown at Windrim, 1967 | Photo: David Wilson, Wayne between Seymour and Manheim, 1967 | Photo: David Wilson, Delaware and Dilworth, 1968 | Photo: David Wilson, Castor and Wyoming, 1967 | Photo: David Wilson, 82nd and Eastwick, 1967 | Photo: David Wilson, 69th St. Terminal, 1969 | Photo: David Wilson, Tags:    Philadelphia Transit Company photography PTC public transit streetscape trolleys. Resentful, other PTC workers protested and began a strike that nearly immobilized the city. Independence National Historical Park was restored and development of Penn's Landing was completed. The demand for labor for the city's factories, including the new U.S. Population decline accompanied the industrial restructuring and the loss of tens of thousands of jobs in the mid 20th century. "[75] In his pioneering[76] 1899 work of urban sociology The Philadelphia Negro W. E. B. Philadelphia produced more textiles than any other U.S. city; in 1904 the textile industry employed more than 35 percent of the city's workers. (The Hudson was known to the Dutch as the Noort, or "North" river relative to "South" of the Delaware.) Schools, libraries and theaters were founded. Philadelphia residents joined boycotts of British goods. i notice in one of the pictures there is a Good & Plenty logo painted on the building…were they made in Philly? And to go by packed trolly to the Phils games- double headers for $.50 bleachers (no more “cent” signs on keyboards!) Early attempts to improve quality of life were ineffective as laws were poorly enforced. This official status lasted until the English conquest of New Netherland in October 1664, and continued unofficially until the area was included in William Penn's charter for Pennsylvania in 1682. By 1876, the city's population stood at 817,000. A committee told the captain to depart without unloading his cargo.[34]. [79] The majority of residents were Republican, but voter fraud and bribery were still common. Promotions and incentives in the 1990s and the early 21st century have improved the city's image and created a condominium boom in Center City and the surrounding areas that has slowed the population decline. http://cinematreasures.org/theaters/39637. At the same time Philadelphia moved its supports from the Republican Party to the Democratic Party which has since created a strong Democratic organization. The slow decline in population that began in 1950 was about to accelerate, and many of the streets we see in Wilson’s photos would soon become a shadow of what they once were. The city government returned a week later, and the Continental Congress returned in early July. Mennonites, Pietists, Anglicans, Catholics, and Jews moved to the city and soon outnumbered the Quakers, but they continued to be powerful economically and politically.

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