Paqui Chips, Austin, Texas. Original Review Here. The One Chip Challenge started as a viral sensation a few years ago before resurfacing in 2019 with a chip hotter than ever before. The tortilla chips are fairly crispy and like a slightly less bubbly Doritos chip … Paqui Tortilla Chips – The One Chip Challenge – Carolina Reaper Madness. Paqui Haunted Ghost Pepper Chips are tortilla chips featuring "a bold combination of ghost peppers, cayenne and chipotle" and are the spiciest chip in the regular Paqui line-up. A 2-oz bag cost me $1.79. Image: Paqui We’re not sure how many of you out there also tried Paqui’s One Chip Challenge; but if you did, then you are well aware that the Carolina Reaper Madness flavored chip is far and away the spiciest chip … 43K likes. It features a blue corn tortilla chip with the Reaper pepper, and just to add that little extra oomph, scorpion chile pepper, and chipotle pepper powder. We’re Paqui (pronounced pah-kee) and we use real peppers to bring you real heat.

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