Cyrus is shocked that Alice is risking her life for somebody who doesn't believe in her, stating that when you love someone, you don't need proof because you can feel it. Thinking he's been taken back to the Caterpillar, Alice goes to his lair, only to learn from the Lizard that he's been taken prisoner by the queen. Both express happiness at having met the other, to which Cyrus uses the moment to talk about the thousands of years spent granting the wishes of humans, and his only wish was for freedom, but now he has another. Will puts the idea in Alice’s head that Cyrus has moved on from her, as he hasn’t contacted her, but she refuses to believe this. When Jafar's magic was stripped, the spell he used to resurrect Ana was undone also, meaning she died again. Show Informationen Choosing love over the wishes, the two bury the bottle in the Greener Pastures near a dandy-lion sculpted tree. He nears death, as Alice, too, begins to die as her first wish comes into full effect. From then on, she gains a reputation as a murderess, despite the Queen's false charges against her, and is actively hunted by the Queen of Hearts' soldiers. The two arrive in the dungeon seeking the three bottles and ask the Red Queen to stall Jafar from using them to break the laws of magic, but she can't. She is confronted with a vision of her child self, but she looks dirty and evil. The happy family begin to have their outdoor dinner party together, and, as they do, the White Rabbit watches them from afar. ("Forget Me Not"), Certain that the Red Queen has Cyrus prisoner, she decides to go pay her a visit, much to Will's disliking. ("And They Lived..."). ("Trust Me"), While camping out one night, Alice learns Cyrus wasn't always a genie when he tells her about the Lost and Found, a compass gifted to him by his mother, which, up until recent years, always pointed him in her direction. On their way to the Grendel's house, she and Will fall into one of his traps, knocking them unconscious. They're then interrupted by some genie hunters who they end up fighting. Status: He thanks her, but stays with her anyway, later helping her battle her way through the Queen's maze. When she blows it into the wind, Jafar's palace becomes visible. She and Cyrus are forced to run once the Jabberwocky reveals their presences to him. Reluctantly, she chooses to believe in her as well and asks the White Rabbit to dig a hole to take them someplace safe. This, however, knocks it into Will, who collapses, and Alice collapses also, having tied her fate to the Knave's with her first wish. The three of them begin trekking through the forest of Wonderland but Anastasia is soon taken by a pack of angry villagers. Und wenn sie nicht gestorben sind … ("Home"), At some point during their many adventures together, Alice learns how to win against a fearsome Bandersnatch, a creature she once faced as a child, by utilizing the beast's weak eyesight to her advantage. Despite that, she refuses to leave Wonderland without him. When his magic compass persists in pointing towards the serpent staff, Cyrus realizes that it's in fact his mother, who always admired snakes, and that he needs to free her from whatever spell she's under. Then, he bends down to one knee to propose to Alice, but in her delight, she says yes immediately, even though Cyrus protests that he had a whole speech planned. He forgives her, as she forgives him for stealing the water all those years ago, and Cyrus finally learns that all things happen for a reason, for him becoming a genie led to him meeting his one true love. As they fly across, Silvermist drops Will into the water, so Alice is forced to go in after him to rescue him. Sphie LoweMillie Brown Though she believes the Red Queen deserves punishment, Alice doesn't want to be the one doing it. Knave wishes to leave Wonderland as soon as possible so his past doesn't come back to haunt him, but he is convinced to stay when Alice offers him one of the three wishes Cyrus gave her. Happily, the child Alice congratulates her for making the right choice and turns into magic dust. They share a meal out of the slain dragon's meat, though Alice finds it odd that her father doesn't say grace as he usually does before eating. Will explains that he won't and can't love her, as he doesn't have his heart. Alice and father reunite after many years and then he awkwardly introduces Alice to her new family. She is unimpressed by Jafar's latest trick by using an impostor of her father. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. ("Dirty Little Secrets"), Alice and Cyrus succeed in robbing the Caterpillar of the Lost and Found and return to the Outlands, where Tweedledum shows up and warns them to leave Wonderland, for Jafar has all three genies and has released the Jabberwocky. She and Will then make their way to the Dandy Lion, where they discover that the White Rabbit is the one who stole the bottle. She explains her search for proof of Wonderland and shows him the White Rabbit. She cuts herself free and they make their way out as the weight of her burdens, which the Boro Grove flower took away, come back one by one. Upon returning to the cliff, she refuses to hand over the dust until the Red Queen tells her where Cyrus is. He would later become the author of the Once Upon a Time book, where his job would be to witness and record stories of people from all parts of their realm. Cyrus tells her about a sorcerer, Jafar, who has been chasing after him. She eventually reaches a long road and begins to call out for her father as she gets closer to her home. Alice avoids speaking to her father for the rest of the day but expresses curiosity when she sees Knave talking to him. She tries stealing a weeping willow flower from the Queen of Hearts' garden but instead incurs the royal's wrath. As she's continuously sprayed by the dust, she comes across a carpenter who convinces her to stay a bit longer as she'll feel better for it. At Tulgey Woods, Alice decides to get a better look at the Mad Hatter's house by taking off her shoes and climbing into a tree to look ahead in the distance. She becomes excited when Knave comes along, but doesn't understand his reason for asking her about Cyrus and has no recollection of this "Alice" person he brings up. A young Alice emerges from the hole, having just returned from her very first visit to Wonderland, and joyfully states that she's home. Her houseInvisible house (formerly)Bethlem Asylum (formerly) Alice tells a begging queen that she must pay for her crimes and then swings her sword at her, however, she misses on purpose, stating she won't be the one to make her. After deciding to let the White Rabbit go, she learns from Cyrus about certain wish restrictions. Alice At a cliff edge over a river, Alice is caught by Knave, who insists his endeavor to fight for Anastasia is just as worthy as her rescuing Cyrus. As they begin building the box, a scream is heard coming from the woods...and Edwin, Alice's father emerges (although it's actually Jafar in disguise). They are alerted to the Caterpillar's henchmen, the Collectors, who are looking to capture Knave because he broke his deal with the Caterpillar. Anwar is billed as main during the first half of the seventh season only. He gets down on one knee, trying to mimic a proposal from Alice's land, but before he can give a speech, Alice agrees cheerfully. The fairy, Silvermist, turns out to be Knave's ex-lover, but despite her bad history with Will, she agrees to help for Alice's sake. When both Alice's touch hands, the child version dissipates into dust...the dust the Red Queen wanted. Alice is based on the titular character from Lewis Carroll 's novels Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There , and from the Disney film Alice in Wonderland . Alice Jones is a supporting character on Once Upon a Time. When they arrive at the Meadows, Alice and Will watch as Jafar searches the Tum-Tum tree for the bottle. He decides to rid himself of their tomfoolery once and for all by slaughtering them with his magic, however, his staff appears to turn on him and aids Cyrus instead, leading Jafar to retreat with Will's heart in tow. Synchronsprecher(in): Folgen wir dem weißen Kaninchen! While the Jabberwocky brings Cyrus into the castle as a "prisoner" and distracts Jafar, Alice and Knave sneak in through the underground tunnel. When she exits, she arrives in a beautiful wooded area, filled with trees and flowers that emit beautiful smelling dust. While doing so, Alice's father, Edwin, stumbles out of the forest. After meeting up with the White Rabbit, a portal to Wonderland is opened in an alley, but Knave refuses to go since he left that world on bad terms, but Alice emphasizes she once helped get his heart back, so he should do the same. Along the way, Knave insinuates that Cyrus knows where Alice is and he either isn't coming or has moved on from her, but Alice insists that Knave doesn't understand the love she and Cyrus share. This article is a disambiguation page for Alice. After his high school graduation, Henry decides to find his own story in another realm. England The child Alice brings the Red Queen down to the cave as well and pushes her older self to choose to take revenge. Edwin vatersarah stiefmuttermillie halbschwestercyrus ehemanntochter Latest appearance: Eye color: She accepts the offer, wanting to get rid of the pain. Alice refuses to let her father visit and then she leaves without saying goodbye. That night, as they feast on the dragon, Alice notes that her father didn't say grace before eating, something very out of character, especially since he should be more than grateful at this very moment. During a family dinner, Alice's new mother, Sarah, suggests that Alice meet a new man to begin her future, but the mention of this idea horrifies Alice, who refuses as she's still heartbroken.

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