Nationwide News Pty Ltd Copyright © 2020. One cup of oat milk contains 133 calories, 6 grams of fat and 16 grams of carbs – but don’t let these bigger numbers scare you. Try oat milk for a boost of protein. Consider it as “one of the many alternatives out there,” she suggests. If dairy isn’t an option for you, the best pick is soy, as it offers a similar amount of protein to cow’s milk, and often comes with added calcium. Learn more. Oat milk typically only contains 15% oats – so you’ll get some oat benefit, but not a great deal. If you relied on cow’s milk for protein, make sure to compensate by adding other protein sources. It’s also relatively low in calcium and protein. I know one person in particular will be happy to hear this. If you’re into numbers, per cup of almond milk (250mLs) you can bank on roughly 86 calories, 7 grams of fat and 5 grams of carbs. On the other hand, a cup of unsweetened soy milk, has about four grams, while a cup of unsweetened almond milk has about one gram, per Healthline. Soy milk has had its fair share of controversy, with many people questioning its effect on hormones and cancer risk. Certain brands also offer barista blends, which contain potassium phosphate, an “acidity regulator” that prevents the oat milk from separating when mixed with an acidic drink like coffee, allowing it to froth better, Kimberlain says. The oat milk thirst has been real, lately. In case you’re not up to speed, regular cow’s milk contains both A1 and A2 proteins, which are both naturally occurring. Luke Hemsworth's 40th birthday party proves why the Hemswort... Coronavirus: The ONLY 6 reasons you're allowed to leave Aust... Find out about our policy and your choices, including how to opt-out. Find out about our policy and your choices, including how to opt-out. Once upon a time, the answer was a relatively simple decision between full-fat and skim – but it’s 2019, you guys, and confusion in the dairy aisle is at an all-time high. Here's what nutrition experts have to say about this whole oat milk vs. almond milk debate. This dietitian's answer will surprise you. Research suggests that these antioxidants are good for heart and bone health. When it comes to protein, oat milk trails behind pea milk and soymilk, which have around eight grams per cup, Angelone says. Cow's milk is the most traditional alternative. Plus, a cup of oat milk has only about two grams of fiber, less than 10% of the recommended 25 grams per day. But how healthy is oat milk, really? Cow’s milk is also rich in micronutrients, like Vitamin A for healthy eyes, Vitamin B12 for nervous system function and potassium to keep your heart beating. Image: iStockSource:BodyAndSoul. Soy milk is high in protein, with 9 grams per cup. Then there’s A2 milk, which is cow’s milk that only contains the A2 protein. Regardless of the variety you buy (full-fat, skim or A2), cow’s milk provides natural calcium for strong bones and teeth, along with protein for muscle maintenance and development. Oat milk is high in fiber and beta-glucan which may aid in lowering LDL cholesterol levels. And no, we promise won't spam you. Almond milk is great in coffee. Meanwhile, a cup of almond, cashew, or pecan milk contains only about 25 to 90, while a cup of pea milk has around 75, and a cup of rice milk has roughly 70. “If you’re trying to get fiber from oat milk, look elsewhere,” Kimberlain says. So, without further ado, buckle up for my verdict on the great milk debate. At what age should you start using anti-ageing skincare prod... F45: Biggest myths stopping you from losing belly fat, Guy Sebastian quit SAS Australia before it even started. In contrast to what your local hipster café wants to sell you, alternative plant milks like almond and oat are at the bottom of my pecking order. Nuts are healthy – so almond milk is the best choice, right? Like many oat milk stans, I’ve also taken to requesting the good stuff in my iced coffee. When it comes to the numbers, there’s a substantial difference between varieties. The newest milk alternative in the spotlight, oat milk is a little more promising in terms of nutrition. That same cup will also give you 147 calories, 7 grams of fat and 12 grams of carbs. In fact, they contain a type of fibre called beta-glucan which supports heart health by working to lower cholesterol. confusion in the dairy aisle is at an all-time high. Image: iStockSource:BodyAndSoul. Sign up to our newsletter for more stories like this. Oat milk retail sales have shot up from $4.4 million in 2017 to $29 million in the United States, Bloomberg reported last month. Some oat milks contain sweeteners and vanilla or other flavorings, and many are fortified with vitamins and minerals. Cartons of Oatly, Happy Planet, and Elmhurst oat milk have cropped up in grocery store aisles, and baristas at specialty coffee shops pour oat milk foam over their brews. Oat milk is dairy, nut and gluten free**. “Double check the label and make sure it’s hitting your needs.”. Full-cream milk contains 168 calories, 9 grams of fat, 15 grams of carbs and 9 grams of protein per cup, while a cup of skim milk provides 85 calories, 0.3 grams of fat, 12 grams of carbs and 9 grams of protein. Melissa Meier is a Sydney-based Accredited Practising Dietitian. All times on this site are AEDT (GMT +10). The newest milk alternative in the spotlight, oat milk is a little more promising in terms of nutrition. If you’re otherwise healthy, full-cream milk is a-okay – but if you’ve got heart disease, diabetes or are trying to lose weight, a reduced-fat option would be my suggestion. Oat milk … (Kimberlain notes that for the most part, Americans have plenty of satiating protein in their diet, but their breakfasts may not contain enough.) As a dietitian, ‘Which milk should I be drinking?’ is one of the most common questions I’m asked. Oat milk also packs more calories than many other non-dairy milks, Angelone adds. So, go ahead and stock up on oat milk, but do so mindfully, in a way that’s healthy for you. A2 milk also comes in full-cream and skim varieties, and you can expect a similar macronutrient breakdown as their regular cow’s milk counterparts. Oat Milk Oat milk is made from steel cut oats and water. With this cheat's coconut milk recipe – using shredded coconut and boiling water – you'll never run out of coconut milk again! But oat milk has the highest carbohydrate content among milk substitutes, Kimberlain says, adding that a cup of unsweetened oat milk contains roughly 16 grams of carbs. A lot of soy milks also have bone-strengthening calcium added in, which is another bonus. The real shocker is that some brands of almond milk offer as little as two per cent almonds, so you’re really not getting much bang for your hard-earned dollar. may receive an affiliate commission if you buy through our links. Along with soy milk, oat milk provides more riboflavin, or vitamin B-2, than cow’s milk. Oats are a nutrient powerhouse, offering slow-burning carbs and gut-loving fibre. Soy Lattes are always a popular choice. It depends on your specific nutritional needs. (FYI, these are natural compounds that act like the female hormone oestrogen). A cup of each hovers around 100 calories. Like what you see? But it outperforms almond, cashew, and other nut milks, which typically contain only one gram per cup (most of the protein in the nuts gets left behind in the pulp), and rice milk and coconut milk, which often have less than a gram per cup, or none at all. Beta-glucan, a soluble fiber found in oats, can help improve cholesterol levels, but she notes that it’s still too early to say whether the beta-glucan in oat milk offers the same benefits as regularly eating actual oats. A cup of oat milk has around 100 calories. The bottom line, however, is that soy products are a perfectly healthy component of a balanced diet, and actually offer a lot of nutrition. It often comes with salt, emulsifiers and stabilisers thrown into the mix, along with added sugar if you choose a sweetened variety. Last but not least, good old cow’s milk has a lot going for it. Almond milk offers minimal protein, and unless fortified with calcium, is lacking in that department, too. A NOTE ABOUT RELEVANT ADVERTISING: We collect information about the content (including ads) you use across this site and use it to make both advertising and content more relevant to you on our network and other sites. You can connect with her at or on Instagram @honest_nutrition. A cup of Oatly’s Oatmilk Chilled contains 5 grams of fat, around the same amount as in 2% milk, while a cup of Happy Planet’s Original Oatmilk has 2.5 grams of fat, similar to what you’d find in 1% milk. That mixture then gets strained to extract the liquid. Like oat milk, many non-dairy milks are fortified so that their nutrient profile resembles that of cow’s milk — but again, it depends on the brand, so it’s important to read the label, Kimberlain tells Mic. From plain old cow’s milk to trendier ‘mylk’ alternatives like oat and almond, there’s *a lot* on offer. Well, not exactly... Almond milk is essentially the water that almonds have been soaked in, with some almonds blitzed through. Many brands enhance their oat milk with the same amount of vitamin A, vitamin B12, calcium, and other nutrients found in cow’s milk, Kimberlain says. Oat milk typically has a few more carbohydrates than cow’s milk. And oat milk contains less protein — about two to three grams per cup, versus eight grams per cup of cow’s milk, regardless of fat content. A unique selling point for soy milk is the isoflavones the soy beans contain. Oat milk is basically oats and water blended together, explains Amy Kimberlain, a registered dietitian nutritionist in Miami and a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. The calorie count is about the same as cow’s milk, but is double the carbs with about half the protein and fat. On the other hand, a cup of unsweetened soy milk, has about four grams, while a cup of unsweetened almond milk has about one gram, per Healthline. Oat milk might make sense if you have a dairy, soy, and/or nut allergy, or if you want to move toward a more plant-based diet, Kimberlain says. The amount of fat in oat milk can vary depending on the brand and variety. #Winning. I’ve fallen for its creamy texture, and subtly sweet but overall neutral flavor — and like other plant-based milk substitutes, it seems to emanate an aura of fresh, sunny wellness. When it comes to the actual oat content of oat milk, however, it’s a similar story to almond milk. Image: iStockSource:BodyAndSoul. A cup of oat milk contains anywhere between 15 and 20 grams of carbs, while a cup of cow’s milk, regardless of its fat content, has around 12 to 13 grams, Kimberlain says. Many manufacturers add additional vitamins and minerals to oat milk to … How almond milk and oat milk nutrition stack up Nutritionally, oat milk and almond milk … But not all brands fortify their products to make them resemble cow’s milk, so make sure to read the nutrition label, Kimberlain adds. Image: iStockSource:BodyAndSoul. While they have a health-halo, they’re typically low in hunger-busting protein and bone-strengthening calcium, and don’t offer the vast array of micronutrients that other options do. Calorie-wise, “oat milk is comparable to 2% milk,” says Sonya Angelone, a registered dietitian nutritionist in the San Francisco Bay Area, who’s also a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Account for oat milk’s higher carb and lower protein count compared to cow’s milk, and adjust accordingly. At the end of the day, the best choice for you depends on a few different factors.

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