Others offer suggestions, feedback and encouragement. Many years ago, a colleague told me that the key to successful relationships was the three F’s: frank, fair, and friendly. She even keeps copies to share.). Then take a deep breath and invite them. |, Marketing, Sales and Business Development, https://www.focusresourcesinc.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/MastermindGroup-WebsiteVersion06302020.mp3, Mastermind Groups for Exponential Business Growth, Accountability and encouragement resource. Over the years, I’ve changed this to fair and frank feedback. Some Mastermind groups meet online. Thanks so much for sharing about Mastermind groups! Participants need to be committed to attending all sessions and supporting each other’s growth. 4. Mission. Starting your own group puts you in the best possible position to bring together the types of people that would most inspire your successes. More money . When launching new groups, I keep in mind the goals of each applicant company, the stage and type of business, size (revenues, profits, and the number of employees), and many other factors. Masterminding takes the blinders off. Please let us know if you need reasonable accommodation by contacting donnamaria@indiebusinessnetwork.com. Ask members to give themselves a complement at the end of their turn. Those reasons may include an unwillingness to commit to attending the meetings or a lack of contribution to the success of the other members. Personalities, communication styles, and many other factors have to be considered before inviting them to join a mastermind group. Ask people you respect to refer you if they hear about Mastermind group opportunities. After several months of Masterminding, it’s great to celebrate everyone’s progress toward specific goals. Groups usually establish shared folders (Dropbox, Google Docs, or another tool). But who has time to find those resources? There will be less chance of conflict or misunderstandings if ground rules are in place for dealing with specific group situations, like adding a new member, exiting the group, or keeping commitments. Whether your group members are in the same line of business or different lines of work, select people who are not in direct competition with each other. How would you do it if you could make the time? Accountability. You try. . Technology facilitates deeper relationships across the miles. Therefore, decisions have to be made by the group on who will present. Thank you for sharing your input! This is a nice idea to help break up the monotony and to inject some new ideas into the group. We get so wrapped up in doing things the way we’ve always done them. Every organization, including mastermind groups, needs a mission statement. Like me, you may have areas of your life where you’ve felt stuck. Positivity, optimism, James’ essential core & how that drives him. When your motivation runs low, you can count on the group to remind you of your higher vision, getting you excited about moving forward again.

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