Unfortunately for Esteban, the powers were more of a loan, and he soon lost them once his alien benefactors were defeated. Both of these beings were originally humans before a disaster involving a swamp transformed them into the moving plant-matter based creatures that fans have come to know and love. Lobo in the Marvel Universe makes a whole lot more sense than Lobo in the DC Universe ever did. This is a list of characters who are similar. We figured we might as well throw our hats into the ring since these Marvel vs DC debates aren't ending any time soon. Both are elite female warriors from mythological backgrounds, with each relying on a sword and shield in the fields of battle. June can switch between herself and this spirit by uttering the name “Enchantress”, but her other half frequently has darker intentions (and capabilities) than Moon does. Not only that, but Doctor Doom is even considered one of the most powerful Marvel villains in general. Nonetheless, DC’s Enchantress is probably the one with more mainstream recognition at the moment, thanks in no small part to her decidedly meh appearance in this summer’s Suicide Squad. The heroes of the Marvel Universe are a more complicated, "realistic" lot, with foibles that make them more like the reader, whereas DC heroes are more like the heroic ideal – somewhat perfect archetypes. DC's Thor on the other hand is pretty similar to what you already know about the Norse mythological figure. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. John Constantine - 344 (8 first place votes), 19 (tie). Though he doesn’t receive anywhere near as much attention as some of the other founding members, in recent years Cyborg has been granted a very important place in DC by replacing Martian Manhunter as one of the founding members of the original Justice League. One of the most virtuous X-Men is the muscle of the team, Colossus. Both have a sonic scream that they can use to disable their opponents. Jonah Hex - 162 points (5 first place votes)46. Iron Man (Tony Stark) - 603 points (11 first place votes), 12. Black Canary and Black Widow have extremely different backgrounds. The hyphenated Spider-Girl, May Parker, is the teenage offspring of Peter Parker and Mary Jane. And Bullseye, well, let’s just say their names pretty much hit the nail on the head. Mr. Years before the Spider-Man we all know and love hit the scene, DC unveiled their Spider Man (with no hyphen), who was actually a villain. Just look at how many times Lobo came to blows with the various heroes of the DC Universe; he was made as a reaction to Marvel's grim and gritty, violent characters and would fit in with them perfectly. Booster Gold - 428 points (7 first place votes), 13. Dr. RELATED: 5 Things About Marvel's Thor That Are Completely Different from Norse Mythology (& 5 Ways He's Exactly The Same). Bane is one of the more unique entries here, because not only does the name belong to characters from both DC and Marvel, but it belongs to a multitude of characters at the latter company. Every DC character seems to have a Marvel counterpart, but there are many for whom the similarities run much deeper than a power set. With characters like Deathstroke, Deadpool and even more recently, Red Tool, the big two seem to not even be trying to cover up the fact they’re blatantly copying the work of their rivals. His green hooded cloak and metal mask are recognized as the face of the primary antagonist for the Fantastic Four. Flash (Jay Garrick) - 170 points (1 first place vote), 42 (tie). However, this rivalry has given birth to some of the greatest characters in comics history and allows readers a chance to see a different take on a familiar power set. they eventually had their master the Red Lord to bolster their forces and make them even more effective in spreading chaos in the world. Yorick Brown - 186 points (2 first place votes), 40. Unlike the Captain Marvel/Shazam incident, this is a case where Marvel became synonymous with this character not because of any tricks, but simply through the creativity to make an idea work really, really well. Comic fans will know Cheetah as one of Wonder Woman’s frequent antagonists, and arguably one of the best ones she has had over the years. This is an obvious one for most comic fans, so who better to kick things off with than the poster boy/girl (depending on the company) for a topic like this? There are two types of Speedsters in comic books - the quick, and the dead. Wolverine - 728 points (10 first place votes), 8. To that end, Rami takes this Marvel vs DC battle - especially if he were to use the Phantom Ring on Hank. So in case you were wondering, this has even resulted in Batman having a battle with the God of Thunder himself. But over the last few decades, Marvel's increased the power of their heroes and villains while DC's sought to humanize their characters. Stories are what interest me and writing has always been how I express that. Deathstroke always felt like a Marvel style villain – deadly and complicated, without any of the funny names or gimmicks of his fellow DC villains. They are both talented wielders of these magical arts and it would be a compelling fight if the two ever faced off against one another. 10 Characters Marvel Ripped-Off From DC (And 10 DC Stole From Marvel), Lex Luthor: 5 Marvel Villains He Would Defeat (& 5 He Would Lose To), 5 Things About Marvel's Thor That Are Completely Different from Norse Mythology (& 5 Ways He's Exactly The Same), 10 DC Characters You Didn’t Know Had Joined Lantern Corps, Marvel And DC: 16 Times Their Heroes Teamed Up, Superman: 5 Reasons He Can Beat The Avengers Solo (& 5 Reasons He Can't), The 10 Longest-Running Shojo Manga In Hana To Yume (In Chronological Order), 5 DC Villains Who Should Be Able To Beat Batman (& Why They Can't), Superman: 10 Non-Canon Stories Every Fan Should Read, Grant Morrison’s Batman: Every Major Comic Storyline (In Chronological Order), Terminal Punks #1 Is a Bloody, Punk-Infused Commentary On Capitalism, Punchline #1 Is a Mixed Bag Special for the Batman Villain, Dark Nights: Death Metal - Infinite Hour Exxxtreme Puts Lobo in the Spotlight, Wolverine: Black, White & Blood Lives Up to Its Sanguine Title, Sweet Tooth: The Return Continues Jeff Lemire's Acclaimed Series, Tales from the Dark Multiverse: Batman - Hush Weaves a Nightmarish Vision of Gotham, Marvel: The 10 Most Powerful Henchmen, Ranked, Year One: Every Member Of The Bat-Family’s Definitive Origin Story, Ranked, Batman: 5 Reasons He Could Beat The Avengers Solo (& 5 He Can't), Wonder Woman's 10 Greatest Failures, Explained, Guardians Of The Galaxy: 10 MCU Characters Who Are A Better Match For Peter Quill Than Gamora, Superman: 10 DC Characters Who Are A Better Match For Clark Than Lois, Star Wars: 5 Marvel Characters Boba Fett Can Beat (& 5 He'd Lose To), 10 DC Villains That Would Make Great Marvel Heroes, 10 Must-Read Cyberpunk Comics That Hit Too Close To Home, Marvel: 5 Heroes Sabine Wren Could Defeat (& 5 She Would Lose To). And Marvel's Scarecrow, Ebenezer Laughton, is someone you describe in pretty similar terms. Hence the inclusion of mythological characters like Odin, Zeus, and Ra in both the Marvel and DC Universes. The world of comics is always in flux; today's victors could be tomorrow's losers - and vice versa. She's always been portrayed as the perfect woman, the one that men on the team fought over. Though Gotham finds itself in shambles time and time again, and things aren’t necessarily looking too great for Marvel’s version of the United States, at least the billionaire class has built themselves super suits and taken to the streets to dole out vigilante justice. Robin/Nightwing (Dick Grayson) - 665 points (11 first place votes), 7. Since most of these characters have decades of continuity behind them, we'll compare the modern versions of our combatants - with the express intent of excluding as much excess continuity as possible.

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