This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Hi Sumit. Hello Jennifer.. Hi Megan. Dears, how can I introduce/modify a leave reason weight so that, for instance, remote working is not counted as “leave” ? How do you use the triangle icons next to the month names to go to the next/previous month? Hello Summit! I would like to change the half day value. I just have 1 questtion. right click on scroll bar and then cut , past where you want. i.e: Vacation Half Day also gets added to regular Vacation code, etc. How do I change the color for each Code? I left it that way as I was not sure if people would want to add their own codes (or randomly key in anything just to mark a leave). (2) I want to add more employees. I tried copying the sheet and changing the year to have 2 leave sheets in one workbook. When I save to google drive the scroll bar disappears (all the other functions appear available). Go to Conditional Formatting > Manage Rules. Awesome leave tracker, thank you. It wouldn’t be possible to have different working days for different employees.. You can however, change the color codes by changing the conditional formatting setting. is there a way you can make this template run the uk work calendar year which is april to april so month 1 starts april then adds all the days used untill the following april. Hi Sumit, I tried deleting few leave codes but after that I do not see the color code. And if an employee takes more than 1 consecutive leave days. I want to exclude work from home from monthly as well yearly leaves. Hi Aaron. Hello Sumit, thanks for leave tracker, l have figured out how to change the holidays to the ones we observe but still wish l can get the leaves taken calculate totally as the months go by rather than the monthly calculations we already have, Hello Liz.. hello… liked the tool. However, I changed the list of holidays to reflect the holidays that we offer. Hi, Is there any way to amend the formula so sick days and maternity days do not calculate as leave but can be recorded? 1/4 of an hour? This spreadsheet is great! Simple and beauty. I want to include “IN” and “OFF” on the days that employees are working and have off days but I do not want these to be counted when entered into the cells? When a holiday falls during a week in which an employee is taking the full week of FMLA leave, the entire week is counted as FMLA leave. If you would like to try the premium annual leave tracker before purchasing, we offer a 'demo' version. how can i change the color when i enter codes into the cells. I have the same concern. Hi Sumit. Based on the questions I get repeatedly, I have created this FAQ section so that you can get an answer faster (instead of waiting for me to respond). More about weekday formula here – Do we change the dates and holidays manually? Here are some screenshots of the leave planners in action. Hello Amrit, You can use this planner only for one financial year. The tracker, however can track any code you enter in it. I have main menu to show all the balance used but got error when I link formula to the “Leaves this year”. The problem is that due to the macro that changes the view from month to the next month they cannot view the months as the macro does not work whilst the sheet is protected? When I add the columns and codes for what I want to check it is working just fine, but I would like to exclude 3 codes of the 9 being used from being tallied in the ‘Leaves this Month’ and ‘Leaves this Year’ sum cells. When you create the leave tracker for 2018, can you add a column after the employee name. Thanks for sharing. I’m trying to tweak it some to add additional tracking capability. Is there anyway you could please guide me through changing the dates? After logging in you can close it and return to this page. I copied one of the leave codes and then “Inserted Copied Cells” shifting the others down and changed the letters to the Code I wanted i.e. may i asked how you did the formula or total leaves.

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