Just made this and am amazed! Thanks in advance, This is a microwave recipe. So quick and easy to make . I think you can remove or add less cream then it will be more sturdy. Tomato Cucumber And Avocado Salad – this healthy salad is so colorful and tasty, everyone loves it! https://www.melaniecooks.com/keto-bread-microwave-almond-flour/13874 Check out these amazing recipes! When I put this into Senza app recipe builder my stats come out to: The white one used what’s called “bleached” almond flour. We’ll definitely be using this in the future, especially since we can usually find coconut flour for cheaper and in more varieties. Thanks. Thanks again. Made 6 perfect english muffins. So I had to work at the recipe and tweak it a bit to get the perfect keto bread texture. Perfection. SO easy! Grilled cheese! Only in India we call them non veg despite being unfertilized. I can’t wait to experiment with them, I betting a cheese burger would be fantastic on this “muffin”. I just tried this and it came out delicious. Amazing. Wow! I just had this with pate for breakfast, very tasty and a nice soft texture. I am ecstatic to have finally found a keto bread in the mug that actually crunches. Try it spread with mashed avocado to make amazing avocado toast – yum! Coconut flour can be tricky to work with. Are the calories and fat for the whole mug bread or just a slice? Thank you Sahil! I have no idea what brands of yogurt you get in Pakistan but you want just regular unflavoured, unsweetened full fat yogurt. Just a question on tablespoon sizes in your recipes. Your recipe is great. These ketones have been tested by a ketogenic expert and have been found to be the best ones for the job. I was skeptical because it smelled like eggs when I pulled it from the microwave. Feel free to play around with this recipe to get the texture you looking for. I love this because it doesn’t have that nasty eggy taste. Almost messed up but for anyone who forgets to mix before blending don’t worry. Hello No carbs and no gluten! Thank YOU. OMG! Yummm. My super egg hating son is struggling with Keto and no bread or cake. Awesome! I cut it in half and toasted it. Thank you very much. If I wasn’t so full I’d whip another one up in a flash. Mine just falls apart… how do you make it more solid please? Hi Anjana, eggs are vegetarian world over. The staples in the recipe are butter or coconut oil, an egg and the baking powder. You can use this keto bread to make sandwiches, burgers or toast. Quick question, though….what kind of almond flour did you use? Thanks again, Sahil! No, I just added egg white to other ingredients and then mixed it. Thanks, Sahil, I replaced one teasoon of coconut flour with psyllium husk powder and just used water instead of cream and it worked fine. I use a whole egg! I can’t believe how easy and quick it is to have keto bread to go with a meal. Just made this, awesome! Thank you. The texture of this bread can turn from fluffy to sawdust in a matter of 10 seconds. ? as a bun for a burger, as a pizza crust, BLT sandwich bread, adding maple flavor for a faux McGriddle, etc. If your mug is not wide, just use a bowl :). Hi Sahil. If you’d like, toast it in the toaster – so good! You just made my life so much easier! Can I use cream cheese instead of heavy cream? My one issue I keep running into is large air pockets at the bottom of the bread. Slice the keto bread in half like a muffin and enjoy! Thank you. Awesome recipe! I love it and I didn’t have the whipping cream so I did it with almond milk. Did you know you can make keto bread in a mug?

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