Douglas Thompson. Register or Sign in to comment on this journal. The modern breed of Norwegian Forest Cat is believed to be descended from these historical pets. The Thompson, now consider themselves as a sept of Clan Armstrong, which says they stem from Fairbairn, north of border on east side, carrying I-M253. Ulster is a stepping stone for people from Scotland onto the colonies and plantations, of the English Empire, which the sun did not set upon. Share this: © 1999-2019 'The people of the Viking Age did not have family names, but instead used the system of patronymics, where the children were named after their father, or occasionally their mother. I-M253 Gaelic Speakers, and Vikings. Peloton's hi-tech bike lets you stream live and on demand rides to your home - and it's one of the best examples of fitness technology out there - at a price. She said: 'This naming pattern still remains in use in Iceland today but has been abandoned in Scandinavia in favour of family names, just like in the UK. Then the Vikings came and settled there.". Dunbar and Cockburn R-U106 & S5750 Y-DNA SNP, Elliot, Glendinning, & Little; R-L193 sub of L513, Ellot-Gordon fought in Battle of Dunbar 1650, FTDNA Greenspan Blankfeld Behar Hammer Estes Walsh, Genealogie Geographischer Name DNA Elliot, George Lawerence 1638 & Elizabeth Crispe 1636, Gorrenberry Elliot, Elwood, Ellwood, and Edwards arms, Graham Grantham “Ancient Roman” J-M267 DNA, Hambleton Buckinghamshire, Hamilton Cadzow, Hammelton Ulster, DNA, Hermitage Chronicles; Armstrong (Fairbairn) Elwald, John Elwald 1418 Rector of St Andrews; Conn, McConnell, McCall DNA Kirkinner Carnesmole, John Johns Johnsen Johnson Johnsson Johnston Johnstone, autosomal DNA, yDNA, family tree genetic genealogy, Kettlewell-Howden Linclonshire to Lothian, MacManus Belfast Co Down & Antrim to McManus Co Fermanagh, Ulster, Ireland, MacNeill McNeil Argyll Cape Fear North Carolina. Although the progenitor name, Thomas, is older and there is a suggestion that the surname has a more general origin: possibly a crusader surname. Eg, The first 'o' (in Thom) appears to be consistent with all languages. Surname, via forename, by adding “s”&”son”,,, Cumbria; Elwold,Elwould,Elwood,Ellwood,Ellot, Daniel Elliott 1610 Ulster likely Catholic then Anglican, David Westfield, Greenville, SC, Turnpike Road GA, Polk Co, TN. Variations include Thomason, Thomasson, Thomerson, Thomoson, and others. I'm not a language expert but I do enjoy reading about language and how it has evolved. Thomas (Apparently: from Aramaic meaning twin). Published: 11:31 GMT, 24 April 2017 | Updated: 14:37 GMT, 24 April 2017. I too have a "Thompson" in my line. Vikings kept cats as indispensable pets on these farms, and the cats returned the favor by clearing out unwanted pests. Can anybody help? Rutherford surname origins the Scottish Borders. Although the progenitor name, Thomas, is older and there is a suggestion that the surname has a more general origin: possibly a crusader surname. Brigham; this is the place for applying DNA to genealogy. Can anyone help me my last name is Thompson but I'm having a hard time finding any one with thompson who knows who My gma is or my gpa. >> Sign in or Sign up now for free to remove this ad! The 'th' sound in Thomson has a silent 'h' which is familiar to modern German, Norwegian (bokmÃ¥l), Swedish. Last Updated (Friday, 05 October 2012 17:20), Joomla 1.5 Templates Joomla Web Hosting ), And almost one in ten believe the Viking Age was around the 15th - 18th century - despite this being the era of rulers such as Henry VIII and Elizabeth I. But the research found many Brits have no idea about key Viking facts, with one in five having no idea they originated from Scandinavia. "My father died a few years ago and he had a massive connection with Norway. Dunbar & Cockburn Y-DNA U106 to S5750 near Scottish localities. Clan Johnson Johnston Johnstone Johansen Johansson info. We visited her often and eagerly looked forward to packages at Christmas from Gramma Mullin" as we called her.I am fortunate to have many pics of her but I have not yet followed that line anywhere as I have concentrated on my fathers side and I am very slow at researching. The following year, she contributed to the YWCA to build the Elm Centre, an affordable housing complex for women in downtown Toronto. This time, it was Thomson's relatives on those remote Scottish islands who found the experience just a little confronting. Johnston(e), is a locality surname from Johnston(e) which I have not been able to find of old County Annandale of Scotland, now it is felt to be of Dumfries, County. However, this pronunciation is strangely not used. Do you know someone who can help? English: the 'o' of son sounds more like a 'u', eg sun. Use languages where Thomson is used (Press the button to hear it) anglais Model refinements (error modification)-border migration influencing the Argyll community. David THOMPSON sword Armstrong, Elliot, Crozier, Nixon, Johnson, Graham; Ulster-Scot. He now lives in South Australia with his wife Caitlin McDougall, who is also an actor, and their two children – Eilish, 10, and Magnus, eight. Rather than cram in a plethora of new features, Apple's latest update is about boosting stability, with improvements in everything from FaceID and battery life. Border people may have been suppress, but do not feel bad all you have to do is look to the Gaelic, to understand what suppression may be in Ulster Ireland. On one hand, the XR lacks the high-resolution screen and dual-lens camera on the XS. ‘This is the Place’ genealogy; Elliott, Rush, Spencer, Franklin, with DNA applied. Millions of Britons could be descendants of Vikings - especially if their surname ends in 'son', according to experts (stock image), Musician Sir Paul McCartney (left) and TV personality Ferne McCann (right) may be able to trace their family back to the Viking era. |. To get the DNA to correlate well, one has to go back first to the Gaelic Speaking Scotti, of Agyll-Antrim, in order to get it to correlate and make it useful with the genealogy, the “Mc/Mac”, “Neil”, “the O’ people”, “Campbell” and variants thereof. Lost track of ancestors after John Thompson, born in N. Ireland in 1802 and died in Philadelphia, PA in 1869. Given that the Vikings visited Scotland many times and that the royal families were often married to each other it isn't surprising that we take influence from them. And the Shetland Islands used to belong to Norway up until about the 15th century when they were gifted to Scotland as a dowry for a Norwegian princess who married a Scottish prince. A famous example from a 13th-century Icelandic saga, describing the Viking Age, is Egil Skallagrimsson, who was the son of a man named Skalla-Grim, she added. For Republicans, the end game is Georgia and control of the Senate, US election: Fears at the Pentagon about the orders of all the President's men, Two Wellington men arrested after record seizure of 'date rape' drug believed to be imported from China, Covid-19: All the locations linked to Auckland's newest community case, US Election: Donald Trump is mad at Fox News again: 'They forgot the Golden Goose', Quiz: Morning trivia challenge: November 13, 2020, Quiz: Afternoon trivia challenge: November 13, 2020. I-M253 is more Viking than my I-U106, and Viking migration. Viking ancestry: if your name is on this list, you’re probably a descendant of Vikings Posted by Kayleigh Dray Published 7 months ago. Saga av febjörn; Elioth, Ellioth, Elliot, Ewald, St. Andrews (Andreas), Protogermanische Sprachentwicklung. Thompson is a Viking name , as well as Scottish , my DNA has took me back to 30,000 BC to the last Glacial Maximum (Ice age) . Vaus, Vause, Vance, R-M193, from Anglican to the Borders,,+Thetford+IP24+1PW,+UK/@52.4068429,0.7847112,9.85z/. Muster Roll for Tullyhogue (Tullaghoge) 1610 Transcribed by Teena She was tiny and a good dresser. "Both times I've been up there in the last 10 years it's been with TV shows and they're all Open Brethren and very religious, so they don't even have television. She came to my wedding over 50 yrs. AI seems to permeate every part of its software, from the ability to answer calls for you to being able to almost perfectly predict your morning commute. THOMSON, i.e. Pictured is British comedian Josie Long, Made in Chelsea siblings Sam (left) and Louise (right) Thompson may be descendants of Scandinavian settlers. Thompson, however, seems to be an aberration of all the languages (including modern English). Thomson is a Scottish patronymic surname meaning "son of Thom, Thomp, Thompkin, or other diminutive of Thomas", itself derived from the Aramaic תום or Tôm, meaning "twin". Google translate to check spelling in the modern Germanic languages. Finding out he really is Erik The Viking didn't come as a huge surprise to 800 Words star Erik Thomson.. This suggests that Thomasson may be the first such spelling and that Tomson and Thomson should also be acceptable. 'People of the Viking Age would often have a descriptive nickname, for example two of the Earls of Orkney who were known as Sigurd the Stout and Thorfill Skullsplitter.'. Joomla Templates The surname Ness comes from the English word ness and the Norwegian word nes , both of which refer to a promontory or headland, and is an example of being called for the place one lives. Names which refer to a personal characteristic were also common among Vikings, such as 'Long', 'Short', 'Wise', 'Lover' and 'Good.'. For the past three years, he has played widowed journalist George Turner in the locally filmed drama 800 Words. Conclusively, the variant Thomson is etymologically and phonological sound. Thomson is uncommon as a given name. Erik Thomson uncovers his Viking past in The DNA Detectives. without the 'p', is usually Scottish, but there are people of both spellings in both countries. Variations include Thomassin, Thomason, Thomsson, Thomesson, Thomeson, and others. People with names ending in 'son', such as actress … Armstrong are self lead, and there do not have a chief, but Clan Elliot(t) does have a Chief Margaret Eliott of Redhuegh-Stobs. Cockburn, Dunbar, Coker, Haddington, Longton, FTDNA DNA. Variants of Thomson are found in all three of these countries in present day, which obviously tells us there is a common root but it doesn't suggest which country it came from. Clearly the name isn't from modern Norwegian (bokmÃ¥l), that can be ruled out from the time with which the language took form; note that Danish is practically the same as bokmÃ¥l. His doctor father moved the family to New Zealand in 1974 where the actor remembers his thick Scottish accent making him stand out from his classmates at school.

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