Check out our FAQs, send us an email or call us at 1 800 555 5555, © 2020 ISL Recruitment — All Rights Reserved. The Importance of Gender Equality in the Workplace In modern times the laws are in place, but there still remains gender inequality across the workplace. Gender equality and race equality are closely linked. Some 118 companies and nearly 30,000 employees participated in the study, building on a similar effort conducted by McKinsey in 2012. workplace Gender equality is important…, On May 22nd, 20141, a group of women technologists and leaders made a huge contribution in the fight for gender equality for women in technology. Note: Over the last 30 years there has been a dramatic change. Diversity dimension…, business workplace. Employee turnover is a big challenge for businesses each and every month of the year. Female employees may also worry about treatment during pregnancy or motherhood, or being sexually harassed. In the United States, black women face a higher risk of death from pregnancy-related causes. This analysis is a cross-section of people in 2013. It may also be because some of the very segregated industries, e,g. Women now, on average, have better qualifications than men and there is more support for maternity pay, leave and access to flexible working. Partly this is due to changes in company culture and resulting recruitment practices. The brave women who dared to challenge the status quo by writing together to address the issue of gender inequality in technology were Divya Manian, Jessica Dillon, Sabrina Majeed, Joanne McNeil, Sara J. Chipps, Kay Li, Ellen Chisa, Angelina Fabbro, and Jennifer Brook2. CR used to be centred on environmental issues, but an increasing number of employers now take a wider view, seeing the overall image of an organisation as important in attracting and retaining both customers and employees. More challenging and robust decision making, Increase in the attraction to a wider talent pool. – A further factor explaining the gender pay gap is the tendency for men and women to cluster together by industry type and line of work. All Rights Reserved. An equal opportunities environment in the office can self promote and increase ambitions in the workplace. In fact, studies have suggested that women earn only 80% of what their male counterparts do. In this modern age of digital advertising, social media and other ultra fast communication tools, news travels fast. It makes good sense; a group comprised of people with a multitude of backgrounds and outlooks is bound to approach problems from a wider set of perspectives. – Gender segregation has been a popular area of analysis. Gender inequality in the workplace might include hiring or training only one gender for a particular role (perhaps because it’s seen as ‘men’s work’ or ‘women’s work’). Whilst women make up around 40% of the global workforce, only about 5% of those are in CEO and upper management positions and even then, annual salaries or men in similar positions are not equal. Back in 1986, 85% of men said their type of work was done mainly or almost exclusively by men and almost no men did ‘women’s work’. It is against the law *HM Government, Gender equality at every stage : a roadmap for change. Women in the labor force, attempting to shoulder their domestic obligations and hold down paid jobs at the same time,” (Stivers, 30). 1. Achieving gender equality is important for the workplace not only because it’s the moral thing to do, but also because it helps link our country’s overall economic performance to a high standard. Over the years there have been many equal pay claims on the basis that the jobs done by women in a particular industry have not been paid as well as similar jobs done by men in male orientated industries. There are 5 key benefits to implementing a gender diversity policy in your business Increased positivity in the office. Diverse work forces have been proven to outperform ones that aren’t. 4100 Park Approach Thorpe Park Leeds LS15 8GB. Whilst most of us agree that in order to have a fair and productive working environment, an equal balance of men and women is required, more commonly than not, this is not the case despite the modern age that we live in. Significant dimensions of customer/client diversity A business with a strong record of diversity and equality in the workplace is more likely to tap into the female workers seeking a career with a business that has real opportunities for promotion and development. At ISL Recruitment we recognise the importance of gender equality and showing the younger generation successful female and male role models. An interesting article by Mark Beatson looks at the new CIPD research report on gender diversity in the boardroom. Some of the key highlights were: – Should there be a statutory quota of a minimum proportion of women on the boards of large companies? Include references to the literature, EA/ACS codes or Australian law to further support your ranking score. The CIPD now has almost 30 years of data.  the customer/client The 2013 Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings shows the age where the gap commences: The chart shows average earnings for men and women by individual age in 2013. It’s not always well known that girls generally perform better at school yet in their working lives is it frequently the case that they earn less and occupy less leadership positions than men. Gender diversity in a work place means that men and women are hired at a similar and consistent rate, are paid equally and are given the same working opportunities with the same promotional opportunities. The book also illustrates, “The cultural masculinity of the decision maker is revealed in the work of some of our most influential thinkers.” (Stivers, 66).

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