Yeah pretty sure Doomsday stomps. Wiz: The Hulk has achieved so many things during his goal, but he has only a few downfalls. Doomsday gets thrown again and looks around looking for The Hulk. Doomsday. My best guess? HULK SEE GREY MAN DISRUPTING! Wiz: Except that Doomsday was and is not nearly as strong as his adversary. Doomsday: It.....It was my fault..........T...They made me reckless......I...just wanted better than Superman......but i get this.......Something that hasn't come to me before.......My end is here.... Doomsday is hit by the Gamma Radiation, as his Skin pierces open showing green lighting as he roars and then soon after...he is gone. How can you put a 12 round limit on a fight to the death? The Hulk gets up and steps back from this, then before Doomsday can recover, the Hulk delivers a powerful punch that sends Doomsday through multiple vehicles at once. So the curent doomsday who has been drasticly powered down  by dc basicly took down two kryptonians and steel who wears powered armor and has a genus intelect. world war hulk has taken a step and it destroyed new york and was felt whole states away.he has beat entire teams by himself.he basically went back to earth and kicked everyones butt.avengers,x-men,x-force,fantastic four,sentry,his son skaar,fing fang foom,you name it.he has planet busted.doomsday has never shown anything on this scale, No. Doomsday is definitely a rip off of the Hulk, as was sentry to Superman. Wiz: Doomsday is a powerhouse, meaning he has Superhuman feats, like Superhuman Strength, He can lift up just about anything Superman can. :D. Big, Gigantic, Goliath Monsters ready for an fight. : "Once upon a time there lived an ugly barnacle. YOU MADE HULK EVEN ANGRIER!!! Stalemate if the rounds are enforced because neither of the two can kill the other in the time span before the bell is struck and they have time to regenerate their injuries. EDIT: NVM that ground smash at 33:35 is sooo much better lol. GAAAMMMAAAAA TSUNAMI!!!!!!!!!!! He would not accomplish the awesome that Hulk did by losing in a stomp. Hulk sees this and moves his arms back and claps really, really loudly at Doomsday sending a wave of Gamma Radiation at him. Doomsday felt pain from the ground as Hulk rips out his arm and throws Doomsday on the ground. In the Colessum, two knights fight each other while Hulk sits on his throne watching the battle. Wiz: However, Superman returned and ultimately defeated the beast, afterwards rebuilding Metropolis. Though it wasn't powerful enough to do much, much like MCU Hulk's shaking feats. HULK SMASH GREY MAN! The end! Hulk grabs Doomsday grasping in his grip and begins to spin around really really fast performing Gamma Tornado on Doomsday before slamming him down hard and stomps his spine down grabbing both his arms ripping them out and having his arms out roaring. Wiz: The Incredible Hulk, The Green Goliath and The Green Giant is a Reckless, monster downed by Gamma Radiation and a founding member of the Avengers. Banner was irradiated with highly charged radioactive particles. It would be close but both rely on their strength and in the end one truth remains:  HULK STRONGEST ONE THERE IS! As the capsule travels through an unknown rift, it eventually emerges and heads towards another Planet. On the day Superman was brutually killed by the monster...Doomsday! They're not shaking the whole city, lol. Doomsday leaps into the air while performing a shoulder tackle on Hulk and kicks him down. In their first fight, not only was Superman still learning, but he was fighting the monster in close proximity of civilians. Yes. 14 days ago RajjarsAlt Doomsday keeps his balance. That lightning blast also seemed building level on impact and Hulk took the extended version. I basically typed out exactly what Superman and Doomsday did, which is what Wonder Woman and Doomsday accomplished, just a bit more intense (powerful and destructive). Doomsday senses the hulk coming at him from space as Doomsday punches hulk, almost piercing him through his brain. In the early rounds doomsdays strength will let him beat hulk but in later rounds hulks increasing durability and healing factor will be to much for doomsday to overcome giving hulk more time for his anger to increase and after his anger has increased enough he will be able to overpower doomsday and he will get atronger and stronger after each round due to his anger increasing further. I do see where the confusion was, though. Superman has beat Hulk in every crossover they had. He slowly begins to move his arms and legs up getting out of his Capsule looking around with an angry face searching around the planet until he takes his eyes towards a Colessum with a loud crowd there. Beat Darkseid  Beat the justice league with literally one hand tied behind his back. Behemoths. Moreover WW wins the collision so it's more her feat than it was DDs, @rajjarsalt: ya no 2mau it would be a stomp if aloud. The greater his rage, the greater his strength. Although, now that I've said that I'm sure there are some cooking up scenarios where Hulk hurls a mountain towards another planet so hard that the planet shatters...  (The physical impossibility of hurling such a large object without it actually falling apart will obviously be ignore because he's the $(@#*$(ing HULK, DAMMIT!. Hulk rams him from behind with Gamma Crush having a Meteor back onto the planet hard. At 00:55:25, they charge each other again, this time, it created enough force to shake the helicopter Lois Lane and Jimmy Olson were sitting in, half a mile above their fight. Doomsday prepares to try and finish hulk about to be punch him through having the bone structure through his arm. Congratulations, You're the 1,294,294,987 person to make this thread. @Jeronimo: Nonsense. Reaching the civilian, a teenager named Rick Jones, Banner threw him into a protective trench. This actually causes windows on buildings to shatter around them. The two monsters hit the ground. The claims that Doomsday is as strong or stronger than Hulk have no basis in canon, Doomsday doesn’t have a single high-end strength feat. Hulk is surprised when the King's guards can hurt him. Hulk gets into his World Breaker State. Doomsday would later be exiled to the Phantom Zone, but appeared sporadically in the material world, eventually breaking free altogether. Since this is the old doomsday before they powered him down hulk has very few chances of winning. Rage incarnate. @baldur_odinson: the building shaking thing, @baldur_odinson: I mean like has anyone else done it like the same way ww a DD did and not just shatter the windows. He also withstood multiple club strikes from Flash who was blitzing at faster than lighting speed during their fight. Hulk felt critical pain, but isn't giving up. Hulk: HULK STOP YOU!!!! The Capsule opens slowly as Doomsday's hands and feet begin to twitch. He slowly gets back up moving his arm and hand and fingers getting angrier. Keep reading to find out! DC Comics’ Kryptonian monstrosity, Doomsday, is well known for being nigh undefeatable, while Marvel’s Hulk is known as one of the strongest and most resilient beings in the whole universe. Hulk doesn’t have that many impressive feats in his animated movies. And, additionally, yes... the same thing has happened before in previous movies. Hulk: Hulk No effective to Toxic! "12 round fight  to the death "Doomsday was already beaten to death once by Superman so Hulk can't beat him that way. Wasn't vs Hulk supposed to be able to tear down Asgard? On 'destruction points' however I will say Hulk due to him potentially making an earthquake stomp, where Doomsday doesn't have that kind of feats (his being more 'ripping character X a new one', true he destroyed a planet once, but that was by destroying some huge chemical deposits Darkseid was interested in) . The Hulk is vulnerable to gamma radiation draining, During his early stages his skin can be pierced by Adamantium and Vibranium metal, and he can revert back to Bruce Banner if something distracts him, for example. Wiz: Oh my god, just like that! Hulk uses Gamma Charge to ram Doomsday through the wall and onto the ground, Hulk atempts to punch Doomsday, but Doomsdays rolls away and begins to punch Hulk in the face, chest and abs before doing Angry Swipe on him slashing on his chest. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. It's a tie, they kill each other... and then they both come back to life because they are both comic book characters, and in the comics, only Uncle Ben stays dead... Long and intense fight it either ends in Hulk finally getting strong enough and winning or a draw. Doomsday is showing little fight left in him as he tries to use Supernova on him, but Hulk simply grabs him and throws him back into space once again. Brian then abused Bruce and finally murdered Rebecca, then was placed in a mental hospital. No 2mau stuff, @the_hajduk: no tv shows aloud just animated movies. The Most votes goes to Doomsday and Doomsday was chosen as Hulk's opponent. Hulk sees this and stands up superjumping infront of him. Including Asgard, Sentry, FF,Avengers, the list goes on and on. @kryptonianking88: what movie did he do that in? I want to confirm if that's true or not. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. So, in an epic fight between these two monsters, who would win? Hulk gets hit and is blasted back and Doomsday rams him into another planet. His camera shaking feats are better, too. You Win Failure! After this, Doomsday tears a lamp post from the ground and swings it at the Hulk, who replies with a punch, tearing part of it off. Wiz: We all do Boomstick...we all do....After graduating from Science High School, Bruce studied nuclear physics in Navapo, New Mexico, at Desert State University as the star student of Professor Herbert Josiah Weller. Hulk isn't the slightest bit affected by Kryptonite and hasn't gotten weaker. There’s also that hulk/iron man movie, and I think there’s a 2MAU movies that make the shows canon to him (AA and Agents of Smash at least) so yea he could stomp. An alcoholic, and a very, very angry man, Brian was driven by an insane jealousy of Bruce for being an object of Rebecca's love. doomsday was shaking the whole city. @alphamon: Death of Superman against Wonder Woman. Doomsday isn’t really capable of showing emotion and typically operates at a much slower pace than Hulk. It is simple logic Superman Beat Hulk - Doomsday beat and nearly killed superman - so doomsday beats hulk  Also in Doomsdays recent mini series he has taken out without breaking a sweat Superboy, Eradicator, and Steel. In fact, he was shown weaker than previously when he was singlehandedly beaten by Superman. @kryptonianking88: I just looked at the scene and there was nothing implying they were shaking all of metropolis.

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