D    Our advice is to build a wider ‘digital risk’ function which integrates data privacy and cyber security. 8. Have an actionable strategic plan that shows growth. They use technology and intelligent management systems to solve current and future challenges and deliver groundbreaking services to their constituents. However, in comparison to debt financing, or loans, which must be repaid over time, equity financing does not have to be repaid. Right now, there’s a lot of data to trawl through and it could be curated more effectively to explain why Espoo is worth investing in. International companies are more likely to want to invest in international locations. How do I transfer my business to my children? Young people aren’t ready for the house in the suburbs. Raising money through angel investors, private equity, or venture capital can put you on a path to great expansion and market share. 7. More of your questions answered by our Experts. ��$uAb{A�) b=H,Ě"n���@"����� �&F�� ;�B���5@� �hS The European Union has awarded a €500,000 grant to Eilat to establish a “smart neighbourhood” that comprises all aspects of a smart city. 3. They want central areas where they can meet, relax and have fun with friends. Privacy Policy Angels may also help their portfolio companies attract new investors — which is exactly what Leeming experienced with Unruly Studios. In general, these investors would like to see profit margins of more than 50 percent. So what’s the solution? Around 70% of Eilat’s daily energy supply now comes from renewable sources and visitors have access to free Wi-Fi after officials voted to put an internet cloud over the city. If, on the other hand, you beat the numbers, they become afraid of losing the transaction and work harder to close as quickly as possible. Private equity can be an excellent exit alternative for many mid-market business. GTIL does not provide services to clients. Uncertainty is mounting for technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) businesses amidst a turbulent economic and political backdrop, according to the latest research from Grant Thornton. Make sure that the story you tell prospective investors why you want to expand your business, what your eventual exit strategy is, and what you want to do after that. "If you’ve never made an acquisition before and you don’t have people inside the company to guide you, you’ve got to find all the help you can get.". Read more. The research you do as part of this effort will also help answer two of the BIG investor questions: (1) "How big is the market?" Ideally, you should give yourself at least a year to prepare your company before you seek outside funding. Buyers will pay a premium for a business with customers under contract and/or recurring subscription type revenues. How to Write a Business Plan to Attract Investors or Get Loans If you are serious about attracting investors or getting a business loan, then you need a plan. T    Read more. Finland’s Espoo is one of three main cities in the metropolitan area of Greater Helsinki. Smart cities are gaining traction around the world. To do this, you must present your business concept and reasons for a high return in a short, concise (no more than two minute) presentation. Are you ready for IFRS 16? It’s just a taster, however, of what Espoo is making publicly available through its participation in the Six City Strategy, an initiative involving Finland’s six largest cities and designed to encourage “smart and open urban development”. Buying another company is a big undertaking, but often is the fastest way to growth and leads to a more attractive exit upon successful integration. Israel – the “start-up nation” – is no stranger to the potential of smart cities and Eilat was the first city in Israel to adopt the concept. Many business owners are surprised to learn that customer concentration is a major knockout for sophisticated investors. X    Confident answers make it hard for buyers to walk away. 9. This includes a very short oral presentation; an investor-oriented business plan and executive summary; and documentation for any due diligence analysis. The better organized you are, the easier it will be to attract investors or sell your company, and the less disruptive you will find the due diligence process. What makes a company attractive for equity investment? In the fundraising process, you are going to be telling your story again and again. They will also want to test any technology and review any licenses, patents or documentation required to operate your business. Sloppy numbers sap value like a poorly tuned engine saps horsepower. Clear Exit Strategy – Angel investors and venture capitalists are attracted to companies that have a clear exit strategy, allowing them to obtain the return on their investment. His practice is focused on creating growth and exit strategies for middle market companies in New England. The city has regenerated around its old port and now boasts one of Africa’s largest seaports, automotive factories, multiple free trade zones, industrial parks and a thriving tourist industry. It may seem counterintuitive that you have to reduce costs in order to bring on outside financing, but showing careful financial control—and maximum cash flow—can make your company more attractive to investors. In addition to taking an ownership interest in your company, equity investors may also participate as a member of the company’s board of directors and take an active role in managing your company. Image (CC): Jeff Julian / www.smartscities.com. How Targeted Should Your Sale Process Be? Raising outside capital almost always takes longer than the entrepreneur wishes. Your existing corporate counsel may not have sufficient experience. Recent financial data shows professional investors such as private equity groups are once again putting money to work in private mid-market companies. h�bbd``b`6+�S1����*@�@�� Money 9 Ways to Make Your Business More Attractive to Investors A private equity investor outlines how an entrepreneur can position his or her business to attract potential backers. You may find investors who will overlook holes in your financial reporting, but you won’t get top dollar. Cities that can provide businesses with good, concise information about relevant factors – economic performance, wellbeing of the population and where entrepreneurs are located, for example – will be the ones that attract investment. After a slow and tentative start, the OECD’s push for a solution on how to allocate and tax the profits from digital business is gathering momentum. Business owners interested in tapping this vein still must clear a number of hurdles to attract private equity investors. Espoo offers a handy statistics pocketbook for download, sharing top-line data on education, employment and income levels, a sector breakdown of the labour market, figures on real-estate stock and much more besides. Here are 9 suggestions: 1. instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser I    Investors will be turned off if you present them with farfetched numbers or if you fail to acknowlege market realities. Have in place qualified leadership. R    What makes a company attractive for equity investment? endstream endobj 543 0 obj <. Previous survey results have influenced the development of attractions such as the city’s TD Ameritrade Baseball Park and the Midtown Crossing Project, which provides residents with “urban walkable retail”. Divestopedia Terms:    The UK’s second city, Birmingham, has long pitched itself as an international city. The city council has a dedicated European and international affairs team that oversees the implementation of its European and international strategy for Birmingham, which sets out the direction for the city’s global engagement. But where should you start? 4. Cities named as exemplifying global competitiveness are not the usual suspects. H    "There is certainly no playbook," says Glenn Fishler, who embarked on an acquisition strategy after 23 years of building his environmental services company one customer at a time. Once you have made the decision to seek investors, you should look to eliminate any unnecessary costs you can. U   

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