The doctor also said that while hardening of the arteries usually begins to appear in people nearing the age of 50, Irons had a "genetic predisposition" to early development of the disease. And making a comeback is just what Irons had done. His wife says she insists the surfing champ did not use methamphetamine, "so it is likely the substance was present in the cocaine he ingested. Irons died of a heart attack due to focal severe coronary atherosclerosis, i.e., 'hardening of the arteries.'" I was talking with a friend today about the loss in the world of surfing ... Andy Irons. If so, this is going to be fair to all participants, and incidents like this can prevented. Photograph: Topic/Getty Images. Thank you for publishing this advice. Mr. You will always be remembered as one of the best. The public are no longer naive with regard to this social issue. San Antonio-based forensic pathologist Dr. Vincent Di Maio, who was hired by the family, stated, "This is a very straightforward case. “This is a very straightforward case,” said Dr. Di Maio. AEST = Australian Eastern Standard Time which is 10 hours ahead of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). Andy Irons did die from heart disease -- as his family announced yesterday -- but methadone and cocaine also played a part in the surfing champion's death ... according to the official autopsy report. Drug testing should be strictly implemented regardless of the type of sports. In my own opinion we are all aware about this, and can sense the truth. He left behind a wife Lyndie, who was eight months pregnant with the couple's first child when he died. Irons' age, 32 years old," Di Maio told them. This the ugly truth behind the unexpected death of every successful man from a drug-death related issue. Ignorance is bliss. The family asked independent forensic pathologist Dr Vincent Di Maio to review the autopsy report, and he concluded Irons suffered from hardening of the arteries. Since his death on the 2nd November 2010, there have been a lot of rumours surrounding the cause of his untimely death. It just makes you sad that this sort of thing happens. Both immunochemical and molecular studies were negative for Dengue and other flavivirus (agents causing Dengue fever). RIP AI, Superb blog post! He had a gift, the bond- incredible surfer. "But Andy shrugged it all off and led no one to believe he was in ill health," Lyndie Irons said. The family also said Tarrant County (Texas) Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Nizam Peerwani, listed a second cause of death as "acute mixed drug ingestion." "The only unusual aspect of the case is Mr. Methadone – Now the report states this is ‘an analgesic drug commonly used in the treatment of chronic pain’ (…cough, cough) Wiki states: An analgesic drug that is used as a substitute to treat morphine and heroin addiction. Before one realizes, if it reaches this point, that these drugs are harmful, it may be too late. “The world of surfing mourns an incredibly sad loss today with the news that Hawaii’s Andy Irons has died. Their conclusion is that Andy Irons died a natural death from a sudden cardiac arrest which was caused by a severe blockage of the main artery of the heart. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. (Error Code: 100013) Andy Irons died in a Dallas hotel room on November 2, 2010 after withdrawing from an ASP World Tour event in Puerto Rico due to illness. "Surfing's the only reason that keeps me going at a normal state. What do you think? Jake Dean. Follow our live coverage of the US election aftermath. Read the full statement issued by the Irons family. It’s sad all these people who have so much going for them are willing to throw it all away and not care about the consequences. ), who have everything, especially relative to less fortunate ppl in this world, risk loosing it. "A plaque of this severity, located in the anterior descending coronary artery, is commonly associated with sudden death," Di Maio said in a statement. Irons died of a heart attack due to focal severe coronary atherosclerosis, i.e., ‘hardening of the arteries.'”. ", The report also shows trace amounts of methamphetamine in Irons' system. Dr. Di Maio questioned Dr. Peerwani's decision to list the finding "Acute Mixed Drug Ingestion" under "Cause of Death" because he believes "it was not the cause of death and did not contribute to the death. Well, the forensics mention a couple of things they feel contributed. Michael Hiestand has covered sports media and marketing for USA TODAY, tackling the sports biz ranging from what's behind mega-events such as the Olympics and Super Bowl to the sometimes-hidden numbers behind the sports world's bottom line. Andy Irons was known for his battles with world-renowned nine-time champion Kelly Slater. Leur rivalité exacerbée par les médias mais marquée par une estime mutuelle s'est progressivement transformée en amitié solide. Navigating the highs and lows can be tricky, but usually there is another drug to cover the symptoms of the first…. I’m not a medical expert, but I would wager if the average person consumed all those drugs they’d probably have a heart attack too…If Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones had died in the 1970s, his toxicology report may have looked pretty much like this. I guess…, I know lots of people who surf very well and love drugs. That's all I've got! “We have no choice but to accept that two respected pathologists have come to different conclusions about a secondary contributing cause of death,” said the family in a statement to the press. He was reportedly diagnosed with Dengue Fever after a recent surfing competition in Puerto Rico. I recognize you taking the amount of time to write this salient information. Let us know in the comments below. Tarrant County Chief Medical Examiner Nizam Peerwani, MD, lists a second cause of death as “acute mixed drug ingestion”. Phil Irons, the father of the 32-year-old surfer, confirmed his son's death Tuesday. 1. But the official toxicology report and autopsy from the Tarrant County Medical Examiner notes a second cause of death as "acute mixed drug ingestion. Before his death, Irons pulled out of the Rip Curl Search surf contest in Puerto Rico with flu-like symptoms, and he was put on an intravenous drip for hydration, his family said. friends. Nancy Grace: I don't have to agree with Casey Anthony jury, Earthquake shuts down Virginia nuclear plant, Church masterpiece 'restored' as Mr. Bean would do it, Scientist: Tae Bo workout sent skyscraper shaking, Children and adults gunned down in Connecticut school massacre, ISAF blasts claim of U.S., Taliban collusion, Ireland to send troop trainers to Mali in ‘historic’ pairing with British, Man accused of slapping crying boy on flight loses his job, 'Blade runner' Pistorius weeps as he's charged in girlfriend's death, 'Deeply flawed' Armstrong admits using performance-enhancing drugs. Andy Irons was known for his battles with world-renowned ten-time champion Kelly Slater, one of the people who got him into surfing. He has covered everything from high schools to horse racing to the college and the pros. An autopsy determined that three-time world surfing champion Andy Irons died from a "sudden cardiac arrest" according to a press statement released by the surfers' family on Wednesday.. San Antonio-based forensic pathologist Dr. Vincent Di Maio, who was hired by the family, stated, "This is a very straightforward case. Xanax/ Alprazolam – A prescription drug used to treat moderate to severe anxiety disorders. It’s doesn’t surprise me at all about the possible linkage of Andy’s death to drugs misused and overused. Photograph: Getty Images Surfing’s most recent catalyst for … ", Di Maio however said he believes most of the the drugs found in Irons' system (Xanax and Methadone) were at therapeutic levels. It just seemed he was dying quickly... Whatever the cause of death may be, his spirit will never die as it is carried with those who knew him, be it fans or family. Overheard on Listen to your dog, the doctor! It seems that Mr. Tenore is the lucky guy dating Lyndie Irons, the beautiful widow of the amazing surfer Andy Irons, father of her adorable son Axel. He was returning home to Hawaii when he was found dead in an airport hotel while on a layover in Dallas. 2. 1. Last year, Brad Melekian wrote a piece for Outside magazine, talking to Irons' friends and sponsors, who broke "surfing's code of silence," about the surfer's stormy past and his final days. I am surprised actually that surfing doesn’t have any strict testing of the competitors like many other sports. Although the primary and the underlying cause of death is attributed to ischemic heart disease due to coronary artery pathology, the presence of both methadone and cocaine is a significant finding especially in a death due to a sudden cardiac event and is listed as contributing to the death but not resulting in the underlying cause. Police also found potent prescription pain killers in his hotel room and are apparently investigating the death as a possible overdose. Irons, regarded as one of the world's greatest competitive surfers and big-wave riders, was found dead in November in a hotel home in Dallas, Texas. Would it really be that hard to drag him to rehab?

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