Perhaps I need to rethink my goal...sub 2:10 might be too optimistic at my age and in my first season coming back. This indoor season, which just ended for me, I was preparing for the 800 as a season-ending goal race. As I am approaching my 50th birthday I see that compared to great open water swimmers I am just getting to my prime age-wise. Mississippi State University: Women's Age-Adjusted Running Tables, British Journal of Sports Medicine: Master's Perfromance in the New York City Marathon, The Average Time for Jogging a Half Marathon for Women. Hi unknown, happy birthday for a few days time! Enjoyed listening to the chat amongst the lads. 1 tempo run 3-5k, 2 longer interval days- 1200, 1000, 600, 400 at 1500 pace, and one fast day like 5x300 at 400-800 pace. Are you saying in that race the pace was moderate and he was able to use his speed over the last 150? You are reporting this thread to the moderators for review and possible removal from the forum. there is no structured plan. The goal is to get to the big race healthy and fit so it's fun. And best wishes for the New Year! Times ~ 2:45 ~ 1:28 ~ 55 ~ 39.1Sunday off. If all goes well perhaps I'll see some of you in Spokane. I'd like to think I could have gone faster, but we'll never know for sure.However, while the 800 didn't quite pan out (I only raced it twice this winter), the previous meet I had a significant breakthrough at 1500. I'm not doing a spring marathon this year, so I can start training for the 800 earlier. That's a valid point, however I would love to see swimming publish 'age graded tables' as running does. I know what you're thinking: You can't teach an old dog new tricks. Thanks again everyone. This has given me plenty to think about. During this phase are lots of sessions that have some running at goal pace or faster, a wide variety of stuff.If it all comes together, I pull one good one out of the hat at the big race. Not blazing but still more speed than I thought I would exhibit at this early stage and I felt smoother than a month ago when I timed that 400m. You need to be fit to maintain good technique and you also need good technique to swim quick so this for most swimmers this is the most effective balance. Loved the audio of the old guys. ..age % would give me 'perspective'!! How Much Weight Can a Person Lose by Running Half a Mile Each Day? Nevertheless, I enjoy swimming just like they do and I wish more people take up swimming (or other exercises) and keep fit.Ganeshan, Auckland, New Zealand, If these weren't words of wisdom i don't know what else could be, almost made me jump in joy....Lets keep on zooming up and down these lanes until we beat those pesky fast "high performance juniors".Don't you just hate it when someone swims faster than you, half your age and half your size :-), Thanks for all the messages guys! Muscle strength declines in a linear fashion up to around age 70, when it falls precipitously, especially in running, according to a study in the 2004 issue of the "British Journal of Sports Medicine.". How to Pace Yourself for a 400-Meter Dash. I run 4x a week. The last couple of months, they've nearly all been faster. Skate, Joe run a 1:21/600, and 2:30/1000 in workouts! I'd be extremely surprised if by working on the right things you shouldn't be closing in on 40 minutes (or faster) for a continuous 2km swim.Are you following any sort of structure or plan with your swimming right now?Yes there are certainly plenty of young-guns in public sessions who love to sprint - i'm not sure if this is anything to do with their age from a physiological perspective - more they just want to look and feel fast and don't know any other way! just listened to your interview.I too came to swimming late, 40yr, when I did my first squad. When top guns like KP and Northwest Master chime in, I'm listening. I've a few times gone over the line (getting there in unbelievably good shape, but with a minor or major injury.) till last year i was doing only 1 km a day which was in flat 17-18 minutes( free style). These are VERY useful, they tell you many things - - at 60-70% you are 'good for your local area', at 70-80% your 'good for you state/distict', at 80%+ your nationally level. I imagine that'll be part of the plan come summer track season.Any of the seasoned 800 vets on here recommend a good mix of core exercises and pylos/drills?Anyhow, now it's time to change gears and prepare for a half marathon in a couple of months, which will make for a big change of pace. What one person considers a good pace might be unacceptably slow to another runner. We found my basic speed to be a limiting factor toward the end of indoors. See our. This also begs the question, how does one get faster? Instead, start at something like 35-40 kms a week and then build up to 70. I'd like to see you give it your all and see what your time is. And both women and men run more slowly as they get older. "Funny" how one week I'm trundling along happily having discovered the point at which I can reach maximum propulsion, and a couple of weeks later I am back to 22 strokes in 25 metres and having visions of being drowned in a swim start because I struggle with ladders...plenty to keep me occupied for the next 40 years! Is this a good time? My cholesterol and pre diabetes are gone and I take no pills. these days i am able to do 2 kms in 50 minutes( non stop) in a 50 meter training pool and i am sure it is decent because i find most of my age guys can not do more than 1 km and younger guys are fast but take breaks. But if you're over 40, I've got news for you: You're not an old dog.And though you may feel firmly established in your career, your life, and even your favorite pastimes, the truth is that there's never been a better time to pick up a new hobby than early middle age. I am 38 years old and never ran track or run in any type of event. I am 62. Download the app here. Ball 105 minutesFeb 29 - FridayAM Running - 60 minutes indoor track ( double mondo )35 minute warmup, 8 times 200 meters @ mile race pace or fasterwith a 30 second jog recovery, warmdown50 minutes - quads, hamstrings, leg press. My point, I guess is that it seems by staying 90% of the time in a strength training mode, the speed is still there (just hidden).Either way - stay healthy!ty. M)Am 45 easy, 5 PM 5 x 1000 ~ 6 x 200 ~ and a 20 c/d.T)AM 35 easy 5 Pm 55 minutes easy.W)Am 35 easy 5 Pm 45 Minutes easy.T)Am 45 easy 5 Pm 20 min easy and 1 x 1000 ~ 600 ~ 300 ~ 200.F) off.S) Race or 1 x 1000 ~ 600 ~ 400 ~ 300 ~ with 20 min in between. What Is the Average Time for a 10K Run for a Beginner? I think in that instance a speed guy would be tough to match, but stringing out the field and pushing the pace through 600; even a speed guy would struggle against a 1500 strength type runner over the last 150 or so. This was done in a relatively high mileage (for a masters 800 runner, anyway) environment - typically ~ 70 mpw, although lower in race weeks. Most masters runners who are 1500/5K types, can drop down and run great 800 times, compared to a a 55+ 400 meter runner moving up. Advice & Tips to Improve Your Swimming. Keep up the good work!MikeQue, what have you been focusing on in your technique work and your training?Hi Anonymous, yes that would be great wouldn't it - I think the issue is that there's not enough swimmers of all abilities racing the different swimming distances whereas plenty of people run 5, 10, 42kms etc.Adam YoungSwim Smooth. Not having competed as a kid I would never be able to get anywhere near those amazing Masters times.I came up with this...If over 30yrs you must be able to beat your age for 50m...After a 2 km swim. As mentioned before, I was a "good" runner in my prime even on relatively low mileage but even with a 4:13 mile, I clearly didn't have the talent to be national class.

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