He gives rather a rough outline which is to be filled up as life advances. Let us not be wise above what is written. Now this is the only foundation of a true religion for humanity.II. )CreationJames G. Murphy, LL. By God's Word.2. (4) This earth, although covered all round with a solid crust, is all on fire within. The adaptation of this world to be man's place of abode while God tries him by the duty He has placed upon him to perform. )God the Author of all things"In the corner of a little garden," said the late Dr. Beattie, of Aberdeen, "without informing any one of the circumstance, I wrote in the mould with my finger the initial letters of my son's name, and sowed garden cress in the furrows, covered up the seed, and smoothed the ground. As long as science keeps to her own great sphere of discovering and codifying facts, we have only to thank her for her labours. No honest criticism can destroy God's truth.2. They leave the boundaries of science, and enter the domain of theology. P. Lange, D. D.1. To begin to steal, however small the theft; to begin to lie, however trifling the falsehood; to begin selling things for what they are not, and by false weight and measure, however the deception may escape discovery; to begin to swear, however silent the oath may be kept; to begin dissolute practices, however trimly they may be dressed up. I admit that we have not the experience indicated. But God's self-manifestation comprises all good to His creatures. It is here they impugn Genesis. 2. We are now prepared for the general statement that, according to our view, the end of God in creation is not to be found in Himself — that God is not His own end. THE MAKER OF THE WORLD, God. Life.3. But it will be needless to multiply examples. But he would scorn the idea, if it were suggested to him, that these arrangements were the result of the concurrence of a number of unintelligent forces, and would without a moment's hesitation draw the conclusion that they were due to the agency of intelligence. IMMENSITY OF THE PROBLEM. 24, SERIES:  GENESIS (One of the best sermon series I have )A question for atheistsJ. "God created."3. The First Cause.II. We cannot hesitate between the two. Did Jehovah create the world, or did I? And, as we have seen, the suggestion of science is in this case confirmed by Scripture, which describes the life and characteristics of that "age to come," as science could not. (4) His own glory is an end which comprehends and secures, as a subordinate end, every interest of the universe. Without observation, parade, flourish.2. In determining this end, we turn first to —, 1. '"Man's limited knowledge of natureT. Regard it as you please, as literal, historical, prabolical, it is unquestionably marked by adequate energy and magnificence of style. If the earliest vertebrates of geological history were types of man and preparations for his coming, then pain and death among those same vertebrates may equally have been a type of man's sin and its results of misery. And this verse, as the whole creation narrative, confirms the admission of science as to design. The fact that the world and time are inseparable.2. THE MEANING OF THE WORLD.

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