After the expulsion of the Calvinist Huguenots from France in 1685 he once again cast his lot with the Austrian Hapsburgs and the Netherlands in the anti-French League of Augsburg. He grew up amid the chaos of the Thirty Years’ War, in which Brandenburg suffered particularly heavily, and was forced to spend his childhood years far from the Berlin court in the fortress of Küstrin, where he was educated in the … William Henry, Electoral Prince of Brandenburg (1648–1649). She was the daughter of Philip, Duke of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg and Sophie Hedwig of Saxe-Lauenburg. For historical background see David Ogg, Europe in the Seventeenth Century (1925; 6th rev. Nearly 20, 000 French Huguenots settled in his territories after 1685, bringing important new manufacturing skills and a cultural refinement foreign to those frontier provinces.During the later years of his reign Frederick William was plagued by painful rheumatism or arthritis complicated by asthma. His tastes remained simple and his court frugal. Initially a w... Leopold I, Holy Roman emperor, King of Hungary, King of Bohemia, was the second son of the emperor Ferdinand III and his first wife Maria Anna of Spain. Like most absolutist rulers of the century, Frederick William had constantly to battle the opposition of the privileged aristocratic caste, the noble landlords who defended He returned to Berlin in 1638 only to flee from an invading Swedish army with his ailing father. Like most absolutist rulers of the century, Frederick William had constantly to battle the opposition of the privileged aristocratic caste, the noble landlords who defended their "liberties" and special prerogatives through the estates and diets of the various provinces. A member of the House of Hohenzollern, he is popularly known as "the Great Elector" (der Große Kurfürst) because of his military and political achievements. Once logged in, you can add biography in the database, February 16, 1620 On Blumenthal's advice he agreed to exempt the nobility from taxes and in return they agreed to dissolve the Estates-General. Although Prussia had been an influential and important part of the Holy Roman Empire for centuries, under Frederick’s rule the small kingdom rose to the status of a Great European Power and had a lasting effect on European politics in general and Germany specifically. Though still a mercenary army on the old pattern, it was slowly nationalized so that by the end of his reign Frederick William's officer corps was largely made up of his own subjects.Impressed by the economic success of the seafaring Dutch, the elector tried to build an active navy. Born in Berlin on February 16, 1620, Frederick William was the only son of Elector George William and Elizabeth Charlotte of the Palatinate.

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