I will represent the Council at all times in a positive and professional manner. 41 0 obj <> endobj Registered charity number 1087481. This Agreement documents the legally binding terms and conditions attached to the AIMBOT Event Volunteer position. Student Volunteer Agreement Forms are for schools to make sure that their students understand that if they join any school volunteer program, they’ll have to agree to perform certain tasks and services as a part of that program. EVENT VOLUNTEEER AGREEMENT Please print. Complete this form, and get ready to step up to the challenge, take action, and get things done! VOLUNTEER CONTRACT This agreement is hereby made between {Volunteer} (hereafter referred to as "the Volunteer") and {Representative} at {Company/Charity} (hereafter referred to as "the Representative"). The Volunteer agrees to undergo all necessary training to perform {his/her} duties. Since volunteers do not expect for anything in return, it would be appropriate to keep the volunteer agreement casual so as to make … By signing the One-Time Event Volunteer Service Agreement, you agree to volunteer your services to the City of Kirkland and to perform only the services agreed to by the City. Regional Event Volunteer Agreement. By continuing you accept this -, Provides a written understanding of the relationship between the volunteer and the organisation, Clearly sets out what the volunteer can expect from the organisation, Seeks to ensure what the volunteer understands and will honour the commitment they have made to the organisation, Risk that the agreement may be interpreted as a contract, potentially bringing volunteers under employment legislation, The information may be duplicated in other places such as a Volunteer Policy or handbook, As the agreement is not binding, it may be of limited use, Provide a written description of the volunteers role, Provide a full induction and any training necessary for the role, Provide a named supervisor or person the volunteer can go for support, Treat volunteers in lime with its equal opportunities policy, Work within the policies and procedures of the organisation including health and safety, equal opportunities and confidentiality, Work within the boundaries of their role description, Honour mutually agreed time commitments and let the organisation know if they are unable to volunteer for any reason. hޤVYo�8�+�ؠ��� |ԩ���)`�A�XG��b��3�%K�Ӧ^c�sp�G���� l�g�m��l��� w�v���.���@��GC!�h�p$H�0�1@�ҀO�آH�2�G[E��&gp�C�N���K}�QM:ׁ����k䅡�@�.M����A3u�ict_�@�kv�\�P���Ϣ�Z4��a���Q[���X^c7����X̣J�`9�� '��2��AZX������{�V Are you ready to make an impact? We use cookies to optimise site functionality and give you the best possible browsing experience. The world needs more volunteers. Create your own printable contract — FREE! endstream endobj 42 0 obj <> endobj 43 0 obj <> endobj 44 0 obj <>stream As an event volunteer, you can participate in events, programs, and fundraising initiatives. The forms they hand out to volunteers set the terms of service and the rules and regulations for the whole program. I understand the basic developmental characteristics and needs of girls (when applicable). I will only choose to participate in events and programs when I am willing and able to devote sufficient time to planning and coordinating the volunteer duties described. Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement Forms are the kinds of forms used by those volunteer organizations that want to make sure that the information disclosed to those volunteers during the program is not exposed to anyone not involved. Thank you for your commitment to helping make Wrestle Fair a fun and exciting event for all wrestling fans and family.

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