The crab had spread to the north all the way along the coast of Maine and up into Nova Scotia by the mid-1900s. Native Range: Europe to North Africa. • See factsheet for more information, • Square-shaped shell with 3 spines on each side • Second and third pairs of walking legs are the longest with a length about one and two thirds times the length of the carapace. 1. • Sexually mature and will mate after 2 - 3 years, usually between July and October. Adult size: up to 10 cm 2. Two claws of different sizes 4. European green crab. • Voracious predator. NJ Status: Widespread and highly threatening to native communities. • 9 teeth on each side of the shell, • Hairy, white tipped claws • Carapace (shell) has a fine granular or bumpy texture, 2 - 3” long and 3.5” wide. • See factsheet for more information, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife,, Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health at the University of Georgia, This page was last modified 20:28, 19 September 2014 by. By the 1980s, the crab had reached San Francisco Bay and started to spread along the west coast, and in 1996, the crab inhabited over 500 km in California. NJ Status: Widespread and highly threatening to native communities. • Adult crabs migrate to deeper waters in the winter, and females extrude eggs in the spring in open sea. In North America and South Africa, it bears the name Green crab or European green crab. Species Code: CAMA1. • Can colonize all types of protected and semi-protected marine and estuarine habitats, including habitats with mud, sand, or rock, submerged aquatic vegetation, or emergent marsh, but prefers soft sediment. The color on the ventral side (back) of the carapace may change from green to orange to red. Native Range: Europe to North Africa Family Name: Portunidae - Swimming crab family The Green crab (Carcinus maenas) is known by different names around the world. Shell serrated and trapeze-shaped, with three spines between the eyes and five on each side 3. Feeds on mollusks, worms, and small crustaceans. • Claws are similar in color to shell with black spots along the palm. The crab is an effective predator, adept at opening bivalve shells, and has been blamed for harming the soft shell clam industry on the U.S. East Coast. It typically is found in high intertidal areas and marshes in coastal estuaries and wave-protected embayments. • Females produce up to 185,000 eggs. • 5 pointed spines behind each eye; 3 rounded lobes between the eyes. In areas where green crab have been able to establish reproducing populations, they have had dramatic impacts on other species, particularly smaller shore crab, clams, and small oysters. This marine predator was thought to have been introduced to the U.S. Atlantic coast in 1817. During the megalopal stage the larvae move to near shore waters and molt into juvenile crabs in the intertidal zone. Aggressive, territorial and vigorous, can survive out of the water for several days It has recently been discovered that there are actually two different types of green crabs found in eastern Canada. Tips of its back legs are pointed, slightly flattened and hairy 5. Although the European green crab has successfully spread to various locatio… It can live on a variety of surfaces including sand, mudflats, shells, cobble, algae, and rock. In the British Isles, it is generally referred to simply as the Shore crab. • Light and dark bands along legs

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