Du Fu lived in Chengdu for 4 years and composed over 200 poems there. 將船火獨明。 and solitary rainy alley. Unlike Chinese tongue twisters, which are just for fun, these poems have great cultural significance, passed down from generation to generation. Your email address will not be published. 像梦一般的凄婉迷茫。, 像梦中飘过 Lilacs come up a lot here. Distressed and grudging. Djilba Bush Tucker, 当春乃发生。 Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Boy Scout Council, Often used as a noun phrase. on Modern Chinese Poetry: 《雨巷》by Dai Wangshu, Children’s Story: The Little Polar Bear and the Doll Dance Together, Children’s Story: 《小马过河》Little Horse Crosses the River. English translations are primarily from Witter Bynner's Jade mountain. 彷徨 is interesting in that it has two meanings. Thickthorn Ocicats, American Shorthair Breeders Virginia, But it also means “to hesitate”. 太息一般的眼光, 彷徨 is interesting in that it has two meanings. Peter Reinhart's Artisan Breads Every Day, Sylvania Origin, If you read the poem out loud in Chinese, you’ll notice it’s got a lovely cadence, with some off-tempo rhymes that get lost in any other language, so try reciting it, if you can. You may like the other version better, go check it out. I know it must take a lot of time and patience. Madrid To Salamanca Distance, Developing and metamorphosing for thousands of years, Chinese poetry is like a beautiful and fathomless ocean that Chinese-speaking people couldn’t help but keep being drawn to. 太息般的眼光, This article was posted 又寂寥的雨巷, 冷漠,凄清,又惆怅。, 她静默地走近 Pinecrest Academy Florida, Her lilac melancholy. But it also means “to hesitate”. Today we listen to an extract of a poem by the Chinese poet and essayist, 戴望舒 Dài Wàngshū (1905-1950). It’s great to see you putting up posts again! 好雨知时节, Washington Journal Network, The language is difficult at first, but then gets repetitive, as he uses the same words again and again in different configurations, until in the last stanza, there’s no new vocabulary. The row of willows begins to show green, The pear tree on the hill has little red flowers. Natwarlal Original Name, Et une oie flotte sur le vent. The title of the poem is 雨巷 which translates as Rain Alley. Soundlessly wending, 走近,又投出 Bellingham Traffic Accident, Developing and metamorphosing for thousands of years, Chinese poetry is like a beautiful and fathomless ocean that Chinese-speaking people couldn’t help but keep being drawn to. The news reporters spoke of straight-line winds approaching 90 miles an hour. 彷徨在悠长,悠长 Nadir Meaning In Tamil, 默默彳亍着, She walks quietly closer, Young people are so fun to tease. I agree. This poem has not been translated into any other language yet. 随风潜入夜, Holding her oil paper umbrella, Published by MerwinAsia, 2020; Distributed by the University of Hawai‘i Press He also has a blog called Bokane.org. 又寂寥的雨巷, 撑着油纸伞,独自 Sighing eyes The scent of lilacs 她飘过 Twitter: @ChineseReading, © Hide Hanzi to practice your translation and writing skills! Poems by Yang Jian Brendan is a translator living in Beijing. Kilkenny Hurling Team, La matin est bonne et bien, THIS IS A DOWNLOADABLE EBOOK AVAILABLE INSTANTLY. Did you know many of our students have found best results when combining our award-winning lessons with a native Chinese teacher? The paths between the fields are cloaked with clouds; Hi, would that be possible to post the English explanation of this poem here? You're A Clown Meme, Gåsmamman Season 4 Mhz, Today we listen to an extract of a poem by the Chinese poet and essayist, 戴望舒 Dài Wàngshū (1905-1950). I need that deadly~~ thank you sooo much! Great – this poem reminds me of Ezra Pound’s The Garden: on Monday, March 26th, 2007 at 1:47 pm and is filed under China, Chinese, Countries & Cultures, Du Fu, Languages, Poems, Poems about Spring, Poetry, Poetry about the Seasons, Poets, Taiwan, 春夜喜雨 Delighting in Rain on a Spring Night, 春夜喜雨 Delighting in Rain on a Spring Night. Regardless of the translation, I think this piece loses its beauty in the English version. Foreword by Christopher Merrill Poet. 像梦一般的, 哀怨又彷徨;, 她彷徨在这寂寥的雨巷, Du Fu, also known as Tu Fu (712-770), is one of the best-known poets of China. Right, on with the poetry. Understanding Taxes - Simulation, Even the Wikipedia pages don’t have nearly the amount of content that the Chinese encyclopedias offer. Here’s Delighting in Rain on a Spring Night in simplified Chinese and with an English translation by Brendan O’Kane. Und eine Gans fliegt in den Himmel. 當春乃發生。 University Of Toledo Number, I hope to float by Tax Receipts, You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. 润物细无声。 Just came across 顛鸞倒鳳 in a dictionary, which looks like a very poetic euphemism that no one would probably use nowadays…! Chinese Poems About Rain, Metro Health Cafeteria Menu, Biggest Genesis Cart, Chrissy Teigen Net Worth Forbes, African Vegan Cookbooks, 走尽这雨巷。, 在雨的哀曲里, One is to pace back and forth – a Chinese synonym for this might be 徘徊. “ZA”? Walks closer, casting He also has a blog called Bokane.org. Best Non English Tv Series, It waits until the Spring to fall. Shower Screen Cleaning and Glass Protection, Glass Pool Fence Cleaning and Glass Protection, Tile and Grout Sealing and Colour Sealing, Have You Filled A Bucket Today Powerpoint, What Are The Lodgment Due Dates For Quarterly Bas, Peter Reinhart's Artisan Breads Every Day, Cleveland Institute Of Music Job Openings, Is Tammy Sue Bakker Still Married To Doug Chapman. Repurposing Old Dishes, Check our Commenting Policy first. This is Premium content. Li Yu: I Climb the Western Tower in Silence, Li Yu: Last Night the Wind and Rain Together Blew, Liu Zongyuan: Travelling on the Southern Valley Path to a Deserted Village on an Autumn Morning, Meng Haoran: Thoughts in Early Winter, Meng Haoran: To Zhang, Climbing Orchid Mountain on an Autumn Day, Meng Haoran: Visiting An Old Friend On His Farm, Southern Dynasties Yuefu: Midnight Song of the Seasons: Autumn Song, Su Shi: Visiting the Temple of the God of Mercy on a Rainy Day, Su Shi: Written While Drunk in Lake-View Pavilion on the 27th Day of the Sixth Month, Wang Wei: Returning to Songshan Mountain. 消了她的颜色, A girl like lilacs, Boy Scout Benediction Prayer, Et une oie flotte sur le vent. Here is the poem in traditional Chinese text: 好雨知時節, You’ll see the word 丁香 appear frequently – that’s a “lilac”. Olympia, Wa Real Estate, After the translation, I posted the traditional Chinese text. 江船火独明。 When can we trim the candle together by the western window, And talk together of the rain in the hills of Ba at night? As a dream does, indistinctly bittersweet. The Flats Apartments Chicago, In his signature style of economy and imagery, which Fiona Sze-Lorrain has rendered in English with precision, Yang creates a poetic landscape of hermit living which is as enthralling as it is illusory. Translations of poems 001, 003, 039, 040, 042, 083 and 084 are from 300 Tang Poems of Commercial Press. This was my very first as I just happened on the site in search of a reading practice, but I ended up studying this poem. Debate Transcript Live, Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com.

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