Traditional Dress of Bhutan - Cultural Aesthetics of the Country Kira, the Traditional Dress for Women in Bhutan Bhutanese culture mandates that the traditional dress be worn on special occasions and in government offices. The jacket is essentially two fixed together – the outer layer was a waterproof, windproof hooded outer jacket, and the inner layer is a warm fleece jacket. Hand woven gho sethra which means yellow patterns in local language. by KUENSEL, Bhutan's National Newspaper. | /. span of the person wearing it. The kira is first draped around the back under the right arm. Hey! Instead, you can opt for a mid-weight hiking boot. That then means that you have a little more support than simply wearing sneakers or trail shoes. Disclaimer: This post contains the occasional affiliate link. from $560.00 USD. These soft-shell trousers were incredibly comfy and perfectly suited for hiking since they were weather resistant. But the rachu will continue to be used the usual way wherever the rachu At night, sometimes the hotel rooms were not that warm and there was no central heating system that you were able to control or alter yourself – I stayed in a log cabin in Paro and stepping out of bed to use the bathroom felt like a fate worse than death! traditional dress Bhutan’s culture is very much alive and expressed in everything, including the traditional clothing its people have been wearing for centuries. My name is Melissa and I’m a full time Travel Blogger from the UK . I kept throwing my clothes into the suitcase and taking them out as I tried to pack. You don’t have to get a clunking great pair of heavy workman-style boots. 10 Reasons Why Bhutan Should Be On Your Travel Bucket List. century Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal assigned different coloured kabneys for Yes, infact the safest online company you can order from due to the fact that it is located within Bhutan and if you face any problem then you can approach directly and the management at are ever ready and every willing to help you resolve if you have any issue or concern. I don’t really like carrying lots of clunky equipment with me when I travel. With the aim to integrate a sense of community, the national dress code continues to be applicable for Bhutanese. The men wear a gho, tied in place at the waist with a small hand-woven kera (belt). Written very well .It will help us to understand what to take with us while traveling Bhutan. Bhutan is a relatively conservative Buddhist country. The Bhutanese opt for a formal approach to dress, typically wearing the traditional dress (, Monsoon season (perhaps best to avoid, especially if you plan on doing any trekking while in Bhutan). Traveling in Bhutan during the winter months means experiencing temperatures that may fall below zero, especially in the early mornings and evenings. Tshering Bhutan Traditional Dress – National Costume Bhutan – the kingdom of “Thunder Dragon” is widely known for the majestic landscapes and vibrant culture. I personally prefer a full boot rather than sneaker style hiking shoes – they provide you with better ankle support and are more versatile for use on different terrains. As such, it’s better to have good footwear. The costume is completed with long socks and shoes or tradional handmade boots, sometimes with beautiful designs embroidered on them in the most splendid colours. the rachu. You can also find some great deals online, which is why I also recommend browsing Amazon (comes with the added bonus of not having to trawl around the stores! This is a popular type of gho worn by most men and even women. Establishing what to wear in Bhutan can be overwhelming. When I tried to search online for advice and inspiration on what to pack for my trip, I found all of the information to be rather vague and generic so that’s why I decided to write this guide based on my own experiences there and what I took with me. were from Thimphu, Punakha, Trongsa, Bumthang, Paro and Pemagatshel. Whether you choose to focus your itinerary on trekking or on cultural experiences, chances are that you will be embarking on a hike or two (if you don’t hike the Tiger’s Nest, did you even go to Bhutan?!). There is a small weight difference but it is barely noticeable. They fit their purpose, and I only really needed to wear them in the early mornings just to make sure I didn’t get frostbite! Bhutanese men’... View full details. The kaymeto (widthways border) is always worn at the back. We carry unique items and handicrafts from Bhutan and other parts of the Himalayas. I actually had a really nice full length walking umbrella that I picked up in Singapore and was going to take with me to Bhutan but it got confiscated at Changi airport because the security guys thought that I might use it as a weapon. She writes for numerous high profile travel publications across the globe - including Forbes Travel Guide, Matador Network, The Times of Israel and The Huffington Post. I also packed a separate lightweight outdoor jacket. I was lucky with the weather in Bhutan and saw nothing but blue skies, but the truth is that it could absolutely rain at any time so aside from making sure your jacket is waterproof, it’s worth taking a small umbrella with you just in case. cloth is gathered under the left arm and wrapped around the back to the 4. Pushing the Boundaries of Solo Female Travel. I can just picture the headline now – “British woman kills hundreds with wooden umbrella. This jacket was perfect for travelling in Bhutan since it suited the ever-changing climates. Invaluable information, Melissa. In the summer months, consider a sturdy walking sandal like these North face ones that I took with me to Petra, Jordan. You could invest in a technical base layer if you want to but even travelling during the winter, I feel that this isn’t really necessary as the temperatures pick up in the day. Is it conservative? Penjor said that he did an intensive research on the particular tradition Under the kera, woman wear a wonju (blouse) which is held in place over the shoulder with a koma (silver buckle). Hope you had a magical time in Bhutan Glad that this was helpful! Men wear the Gho, a knee-length robe.... somewhat resembling a kimono that is tied at.... the waist by a traditional belt known as Kera. The Depending on the specific time of year that you are travelling, temperatures can dip quite low in the evenings and reach temperatures of around -10 at night. No reviews. I’d recommend taking a pair of sunglasses with you even if you are travelling to Bhutan in the winter months. The climate in Bhutan can vary a lot depending on both the season and the specific altitude of where you are travelling. around the waist to form a pouch. Of course, hiking socks are super important for warmth and making sure that you feel comfortable in your hiking boots. For more general advice on planning and preparing for a trip to Bhutan, take a peek at my Bhutan Travel Guide that answers most of your frequently asked questions about Bhutan, or read up on Bhutanese food culture. right shoulder, and fastened with a second koma. For every day in Bhutan, I had a jam-packed schedule in order to make the most of my time. "Later in seventeenth All Rights Reserved. Melissa Douglas is a British Travel Writer and Blogger based in Athens, Greece. Bhutanese men wear 'Gho' and women wear 'Kira'. A kera is wrapped One of the crucial elements making Bhutan a treasure on the eastern slope of the Himalayas is the hand-woven traditional dresses including “Gho” for men and ‘Kira” for women. "This What to Wear in Bhutan. As such, the best approach is to dress in layers to accommodate for the ever-fluctuating temperatures. Gho The men in Bhutan adorn themselves in a knee-length, robe-like cloth which is wrapped around their bodies and nicely secured with a belt. What kind of things do I need for hiking? If you are tying in your Bhutanese adventure with a trip to neighboring Tibet or Nepal, then you can absolutely pick up some warm clothing at low prices in Kathmandu (Nepal) and Lhasa (Tibet) where there are several stores to cater to the countless trekkers that pass through. the rachu should be worn on the left shoulder, Dochula step is being taken to revive an age old tradition," said senior Driglam it was more comfortable when bowing. Here are 8 Bhutan Dresses of Men & Women: Gho ; Kera; Kira; Toego; Wonju; Rachu; Khata; Kabney; 1. Because I travelled to Bhutan in December, it was important for me to have hiking socks that were thick and warm, however, if you are travelling during the peak summer months, you are going to need a more lightweight and breathable option. kabney and rachu tradition was first brought into Bhutan by Guru Rinpoche These ‘dzi beads’ are called ‘tears of the gods’. I was incredibly happy with this purchase and if you are heading to Bhutan in Autumn or Winter then I’d say that this is an especially worthwhile investment. While machine milled traditional clothing is popular for daily wear, the traditionally woven dress is worn on all formal occasions including working in the office. A toego (jacket) is often worn with the kira, and the sleeves of the wanju(blouse) can be folded back over the toego to form cuffs. It’s advisable that you exhibit similar modesty while travelling in Bhutan. Some graduates said they liked the idea of draping the rachu around the March – April: Warm, dry spring season.May – September: Monsoon season (perhaps best to avoid, especially if you plan on doing any trekking while in Bhutan)October – November: Cooler temperatures with occasional showers.December – February: Cold season with occasional snowfall. wearing the rachu around the shoulder disintegrated, research indicated The traditional dress consists of long skirts down to the ankle, long sleeves, and high necklines. is required to be worn. Thank you!! Since arms need to be covered up several times a day for visits to religious sites, it just made things a whole lot easier to wear long sleeves than to wear t-shirts and then have to worry about covering up with a scarf at each site. Even in towns and cities in Bhutan, you will note that the paths are often slightly uneven with plumbing and debris sticking out from the ground. As such, winter accessories such as a thick scarf, a hat and a warm pair of gloves are essential. Namzha Lopon, Tshering Penjor, who oriented 145 women graduates attending he said. ). In the mornings, I’d wear the two affixed together, and in the day time, I’d remove the outer layer (unless it rained) and keep the fleece jacket on. – Annika Koks. The two come affixed but the second set of zips inside the jacket makes it easy to unzip and separate them. - Druk Wangyal Khangzang Chhortens, HM Queen Ashi Tshering Pem Wangchuck and Princess Ashi Chimi Yangzom, Women graduates practise wearing the rachu around the shoulders, Contributed "The adang rachu should be worn so that As an example, I purchased my trekking sandals then at less than 50% of the original price – just because it was an outdated design. Tshering Penjor said that the rachu I’d mostly be inside during this time – maybe having dinner at the hotel or working in a coffee shop so it was nice to have something snug to slip on when it got a little cooler. Lightweight long-sleeved shirts are perfect for warm days adventuring around Bhutan. I would advise that as soon as you have your Bhutan trip confirmed, you start looking around for deals on outdoor clothing.

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