For every jaded Barrett student you hear about, there are countless (like myself) that love the community and opportunities offered by the Honors College. It's probably smart to look into it to get your own opinion, but in my opinion it's just not worth it. They force you to get honors credits, either by taking honors courses or by enrolling in honors contracts, which are additional side projects to your normal courses that you work out with your professor on a case-by-case basis. Incoming transfers take a single semester version of the Human Event called History of Ideas. Then, another $750 is your Barrett whatever-the-fuck fund, which can be like, traveling to another school, taking GRE tests, application fees to grad schools, or traveling to a conference. The GPA info is on the site and not very hard to find so I'll leave you to that. No one really cares about Barrett outside of ASU; I think the biggest benefit I've gotten out of it is getting roommates/friends who cared about academics, and how it looks on your resume for ASU jobs/activities. I'd only be paying a few thousand just because of merit scholarships. No you're not. What about their admissions team impressed you? Connor Murphy, a senior studying journalism and political science, dropped Barrett because he had already been admitted to ASU's Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law, and he did not see the benefit of having a thesis on his resume. They give out a ton. Murphy said he has seen many students drop the honors college, and that while Barrett does have a good name, being an honors student doesn't matter that much as long as you do good work. I'm NMSF and might be interested in applying now, hopefully didn't miss anything, Pretty sure you can still apply. level 1. I see no benefits besides priority registration. Of course a thesis and external projects are possible outside the Honors college, but no one else really does them. I’m seriously considering them and ️ama. "I have a thesis on my resume now, and I have met a lot of important faculty members. Murphy said he has seen many students drop the honors college, and that while Barrett does have a good name, being an honors student doesn't matter that much as long as you do good work. Some highlights I noticed during my overnight and day there: Very tight yet large community at Barrett (~7000 kids, the size of Harvard). And for the juniors, definitely consider it as a great safety option you'd enjoy going to, especially if you're a National Merit kid. "They said as long as you have good grades and a well-rounded resume, not having an honors degree will not prevent you from getting into medical school," he said. They're fearless. They take a lot of AP/IB credits (it's super nice). Press J to jump to the feed. As a math major, sure, I'd rather spend my time doing more mathematics--and yeah, the class is hard. It's a ton more work for only slight benefits. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Correction: A previous version of this story stated that the additional cost of Barrett, the Honors College is $750 per year. Get the best of State Press delivered straight to your inbox. That's totally fine, but it's really embarrassing that so many people find a single course or single course sequence so incredibly challenging when it's just literary analysis, with in fact some very interesting topics. Also one graduated this year and she already got a job as an environmental engineer for 60k/yr. Typically need to meet some academic requirements like GPA, show academic curiosity, and they will probably ask for a couple essays. I've heard ASU is a decent safety (winning awards for innovation) but I never really looked too much into it. They both joined greek life and had the time of their life. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Plus, I am a resident so I don't pay that much in comparison.". Depends. As an upper division student, especially if you don't live in Barrett, there's not really a community to be a part of. Successful re-review requests are almost always the result of substantive new information being made available that was not a part of a student's initial Barrett application materials. The honors college looks cool, full tuition for NMF is great, and the fly-in looks cool too. Wow, thanks for the info! Applications are still open, so seniors, if you've had a rough application process so far and want a solid option that you'll love and won't cost much, definitely check em out. Waters a lot. $750 per semester to be exact--used to be $500 a semester, but they upped it this year on the pretense that, because they accepted more Barrett students, they needed to increase staffing. That said, do I think it's worth the $750 every semester (or year? The thesis leads to publications and interesting opportunities for most students. I would recommend that you talk to a Barrett recruiter and take a tour as a transfer student. I just finished visiting Barrett, the Honors College at Arizona State University and holy shit, that place is amazing. It's really something that's hard to describe unless you've seen it in action. USA Today named ASU one of the 100 Best Value Colleges for 2010 and specifically cited Barrett as a factor in the recognition, identifying the honors college as “outstanding.” Named “Best Honors College” in the nation in 2005 by Reader’s Digest, Barrett, The Honors College at Arizona State University continues to set the standard for the country’s top honors experience. The cost is an extra $750 per semester. Barrett costs $750 extra dollars per year for students, and for Tempe students, the special dining hall meal plan costs $625 more than in other residence halls. Muñiz said despite the extra work, he thought Barrett was beneficial because he was able to connect more with teachers in a smaller classroom. Mario Muñiz, a criminology and criminal justice senior, said he has enjoyed many aspects of his time in Barrett. No, not at all. Yeah usually people would give you shit for that last part but when you graduate debt-free you can laugh in their faces, Yes yes yes! My major is Communication, B.S. I loved The Human Event and an honors course I took with Dr. Dove, but they didn't exactly help my major or anything. By using this website you consent to our use of cookies. Green said Barrett offers many different resources, but for him those resources weren't as important as they could be for other majors. The Human Event was a total pain. This website uses cookies to make your expierence better and easier. He said he didn't feel like quitting because he had already paid the extra two or three thousand dollars for it. Only high school seniors with a complete honors college application in the Early Action or Regular Decision pools may request a re-review of their Barrett decision. Then, there's the 'community'. Is it very difficult to succeed in and have a lot more homework and exams compared to non-barrett students? Connor Murphy previously worked as an opinion columnist for The State Press but did not contribute to the reporting or editing of this story. "Satisfying all of the pre-med requirements is a lot of time throughout the year.". I'd give it a shot, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the ApplyingToCollege community. This is a discussion page for all things ASU, covering everything from class questions to innovation memes. I’ve been really impressed by their entire admissions team. Good SAT and GPA (sometimes class rank, depending on the school) and an essay or two. I am considering applying to Barrett the Honors College but I don't know very much about it. I’d get a ton of money from both of them and I don’t really give a shit about prestige or academics anyway.

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