In her letters, Sophia describes George as a responsible, conscientious child who set an example to his younger brothers and sisters. Philip was allowed to succeed to the Spanish throne but removed from the French line of succession, and the Elector of Bavaria was restored. She was eventually won over by the advantages inherent in the marriage. [9], Sophia Dorothea had a second child, a daughter named after her, in 1687, but there were no other pregnancies. By the end of the year the rebellion had all but collapsed. The top solutions is determined by popularity, ratings and frequency of searches. The economic crisis, known as the South Sea Bubble, made George and his ministers extremely unpopular. Sunderland, however, retained a degree of personal influence with George until his sudden death in 1722 allowed the rise of Sir Robert Walpole. 19–20, and Dickinson, pp. The subsequent War of the Quadruple Alliance involved the same issue as the War of the Spanish Succession. [51] In 1719 the South Sea Company proposed to take over £31 million (three fifths) of the British national debt by exchanging government securities for stock in the company. [17] In the same year, George's surviving uncle died and he inherited further German dominions: the Principality of Lüneburg-Grubenhagen, centred at Celle. We found 2 solutions for George I's Predecessor. [69], As requested by Walpole, George revived the Order of the Bath in 1725, which enabled Walpole to reward or gain political supporters by offering them the honour. The list of regents was opened, the members sworn in, and George was proclaimed King of Great Britain and Ireland. [71], George, although increasingly reliant on Walpole, could still have replaced his ministers at will. I, for one, would have been on his side in those days. By the terms of the English Act of Settlement 1701, George's mother, Sophia, was designated as the heir to the English throne if the then reigning monarch, William III, and his sister-in-law, Anne, died without surviving issue. [3], For the first year of his life, George was the only heir to the German territories of his father and three childless uncles. After the election, the Whig-dominated Parliament passed the Septennial Act 1715, which extended the maximum duration of Parliament to seven years (although it could be dissolved earlier by the Sovereign). He was more than fifty years of age when he came amongst us: we took him because we wanted him, because he served our turn; we laughed at his uncouth German ways, and sneered at him. [50], Greater problems arose over financial speculation and the management of the national debt. The invasion never posed any serious threat to George's government. Sophia was the granddaughter of King James I of England through her mother, Elizabeth Stuart, Queen of Bohemia. [23] Eventually, in 1707, both Parliaments agreed on an Act of Union, which united England and Scotland into a single political entity, the Kingdom of Great Britain, and established the rules of succession as laid down by the Act of Settlement 1701.

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