Tech school for USAF Operations Intelligence Specialists is held at Goodfellow AFB, TX and takes approximately four months. The term somewhat normal is used because as an Air Force Operations Intelligence Specialist there is always the chance that one will get called in on a moment’s notice to produce an urgently required intelligence report or to support an item to be presented at a current intelligence briefing. Like all USAF personnel, an Air Force Materiel Management Specialist is paid according to rank and time in service. Your email address will not be published. The Air Force has procedures for updating maps based on intelligence information, which you'll learn thoroughly; you'll also become acquainted with methods of verifying intelligence based on imagery and radar. The 2019 pay scale for enlisted Airmen with less than two years of prior military experience is as follows: Airman First Class (E-3): $1,982.27/Month. How Much Are Air Force Operations Intelligence Specialists Paid? First, you'll take the requisite 7.5 weeks of basic training, and Airmen's Week. Once an airman completes technical training for this Air Force career field, they will also receive college credits toward a Community College of the Air Force degree in Intelligence Studies and Technology. The success of any mission depends just as much on the planning and intelligence behind it as the Airmen who are carrying it out. Provide analysis of adversary threat systems and intelligence expertise necessary for mission plans, Conduct external intelligence training on collecting and reporting requirements and procedures, Prepare and present intelligence reports and briefings to commanders and aircrews, Assess vulnerability of U.S. forces’ telecommunications networks and information which could be collected and exploited by adversaries. Flights and 30-days vacation with pay each year. Evaluate collected intelligence to determine its accuracy and then disseminate that information to appropriate levels of command, Use computers to create large databases that hold pertinent information on enemy forces, equipment, locations, and capabilities, Help prepare and maintain geospatial databases that include target materials, various imagery, and other intelligence products. Prepare and present intelligence reports and briefings to commanders and aircrews. After all, the Air Force intelligence community has to always be prepared to assess and report on current threats in the world. Airmen in this job have to qualify for a top secret security clearance from the Department of Defense, which involves a background check of finances and character. Which Branch Of The Military Should I Join? Craig currently resides in the Outer Banks of North Carolina and runs his own business. Knowledge of intelligence organizations and systems, No speech disorders or noticeable communications deficiencies Successful completion of a polygraph test, Completion of a current Single Scope Background Investigation (SSBI), Completion of 8.5 weeks of Basic Military Training. The Air Force ISR Agency was established as the United States Air Force Security Service (USAFSS) on 20 October 1948. Required fields are marked *. The following set Air Force pay table includes the base pay for Airman Basic (E-1), Airman (E-2) and Airman First Class (E-3) pay ranks. This is what’s considered to be take-home base pay. If you are looking for an exciting, challenging, and super-important enlisted career in the Air Force, you may want to consider entering into the service as an Air Force Operations Intelligence Specialist. Once all of these conditions have been met, an airman will then proceed to their next duty assignment to commence technical training. Collect, analyze and produce intelligence information from a variety of different sources. Related Article – Military Child Care: 8 Great Options. How To Choose The Right Military Branch For You. In many cases, this means interpreting raw data and understanding its significance, sometimes in combat situations. It’s a useful tool for those that want to see their earning potential as an Air Force Operations Intelligence Specialist or in any other Air Force enlisted specialty. 7 Things To Consider. Fulfilling a critical role, these experts receive, analyze, report and disseminate information for key elements to help ensure our Airmen have the intelligence they need to remain safe and successfully complete their missions. There are also other pay and incentives that are to be determined by an individual airman’s specific job situation. They also have suggested there is a good chance that having experience in this career field can lead to gainful civilian employment. Provide analysis of adversary threat systems and intelligence expertise necessary for mission plans. These procedures cover everything from evasion and recovery to and code of conduct and recognition techniques. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Airmen in the Operations Intelligence field have a host of important responsibilities. Must hold ab… Other than these things or an occasional temporary duty assignment an Air Force Operations Intelligence Specialist can lead a pretty normal life in peacetime. Completion of a basic operations intelligence course is mandatory. In addition to a person’s base pay, there are also other forms of pay and incentives that an airman may be eligible for. Air Force Job 1N0X1 - Operations Intelligence, United States Air Force Job Descriptions for Intelligence, How to Get Started in Network Intelligence Analysis (1N4X1), All About Air Force 14NX - Intelligence Field Careers, Navy Commissioned Officer (INTEL) Job Description, A Great List of Army Job Descriptions for Military Intelligence, Air Force Job: 1N2X1 Signals Intelligence Analyst, Job Facts About Marine Corps Intelligence, Marine Corps Job: MOS 0207 Air Intelligence. This work is crucial for the Air Force and Army to evaluate enemy positions and capabilities, and determine troop deployments and mission parameters. This training takes place at Goodfellow AFB in San Angelo, Texas which is located about 200 miles southwest of the Fort Worth area. What’s Life Like as an Air Force Operations Intelligence Specialist? This on the job training will usually consist of several weeks of close supervision by senior enlisted Operations Intelligence personnel. Defense Intelligence Agency Washington, D.C. National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) Springfield, Virginia, General Dynamics Corporation Falls Church, VA. If someone enters into this career field they will lead a somewhat normal life. Approximately half of the way through technical training school, an airman will be made aware of their next duty station. The USAFSS moved to Brooks Air Force Base, in San Antonio, Tex… The higher enlisted ranks such as Airman (E-2) and Airman First Class (E-3) are given out based on someone having taken college courses or having work experience that is relevant to this career field. Related Article: Which Branch Of The Military Should I Join? The intelligence information these airmen gather, which may be displayed as charts, maps or reports, is used to develop and plan missions, using geospatial databases and other information gathering techniques. Operations Intelligence. Also, you'll need a score of at least 57 in the general (G) qualification area of the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) tests. Copyright © 2020 These jobs go by what is known as a General Schedule (GS) pay scale. Must be amember of the U.S. Air Force 2. Those who have served actively as Air Force Operations Intelligence Specialists generally have enjoyed their jobs and have had good things to say about their experiences. Possessing a current Top Secret level security clearance is a valuable commodity to have when it comes to employment. An Air Force Air Force Operations Intelligence Specialist collects, analyzes, and creates reports utilizing intelligence data using various sources. It’s a technical training course that is above average in length when compared to many other Air Force jobs. Here are some of the main duties that are associated with this Air Force career field: Entering into this enlisted career field will place an airman into a highly-secure environment and they will be privy to classified information that few individuals will ever know. Click Here to learn more about our organization. Your email address will not be published. Working as part of a team, Operations Intelligence specialists analyze raw data, looking for usable intelligence. What Does it Take to Work in Air Force Fire Protection? OMK provides resources and content to young adults who are thinking about joining the US Armed Forces, but don’t know where to begin. We take care of the needs of those who serve. Normal life in this type of Air Force career includes: Enlisted personnel may also be allowed to attend college courses in their off time in pursuit of a college degree. Current Air Force doctrine recognizes that in the information age, Air Force ISR capabilities operate from and through multiple domains to provide essential, timely intelligence on adversaries’ capabilities to decision-makers and joint force commanders. We may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site. It's up to them to oversee intelligence gathering initiatives and to manage, develop and evaluate intelligence information that's collected. They'll prepare mission reports and conduct debriefing sessions of U.S. military and allied forces involved in combat operations. Currently, airmen with rank of E-1 and less than two years of service make a base pay of $1,733 per month. In all probability, an Air Force as an Operations Intelligence Specialist will even have coordinated efforts with a member of one of these government agencies at some point in time during their military career. Drug and alcohol offenses may be disqualifying. See our advertising policy here. After all, the Air Force intelli… By using The Balance Careers, you accept our. In order to enter into this Air Force specialty, these conditions and requirements must be strictly met. Advertiser Disclosure: This site may be compensated through the advertiser affiliate program (at no cost to you). The course itself takes just shy of four months to complete. If you become part of Air Force intelligence, you'll be instructed in how to collect and evaluate information, become familiar with other countries' geography and culture, and learn potential enemies' military capabilities and defensive weapons systems. Rod Powers was the U.S. Military expert for The Balance Careers and was a retired Air Force First Sergeant with 22 years of active duty service. You must be a U.S. citizen to serve in this AFSC. During this time, the airman will be under the guidance of the 17th Training Wing (17TRW) that’s part of the Air Education and Training Command. You'll need a high school diploma or its equivalent to be eligible for this job. Air Force Operations Intelligence Specialists play a key intelligence role in peacetime and in support of wartime combat operations. 7 Things To Consider, 4 Steps For Visiting An Air Force Recruiter Near You.

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