One of our most valuable assets on any mission or action is information. Advises commanders on threat systems deployment, employment, tactics and capabilities, and vulnerabilities. Advises commanders on threat systems deployment, employment, tactics and capabilities, vulnerabilities, and force protection issues. (AFI 36-2101), Last edited on 11 November 2020, at 15:59, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance, Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape, "8-airmen-needed-new-human-intelligence-afsc", "Air Force Enlisted Job Categories – Mechanical", "Logistics Plans (2G0X1) – Air Force Enlisted Jobs", "Missile and Space Systems Electronic Maintenance: 2M0X1", "AFSC 2P0X1 – Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory", "Air Force Job: 2R1X1, Maintenance Management Production", "2S0X1 – Supply Management Air Force Job Description", "Can Non-U.S. Citizens Join the United States Military? Evaluates mission accomplishment to determine remaining adversary capability and requirements for retargeting. Conducts operations and related activities. Manages collection requirements by validating, prioritizing, and coordinating user requests. A letter prefix or suffix may be used with an AFSC when more specific identification of position requirements and individual qualifications is necessary. <> Performs controlled operations officer duties. Minimum Requirements to Become an Air Force Intelligence Officer: 1. Determines unit requirements and tailors intelligence support to missions, equipment, and employment tactics. Operations Intelligence is one of the most diverse career fields in the entire Air Force. The Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC) is an alphanumeric code used by the United States Air Force to identify a specific job. Establishes, recommends, and disseminates information and intelligence collection requirements. 77.5%. 2 0 obj [1] These reduced officer AFSCs from 216 to 123 and enlisted AFSCs from 203 to 176. Unknown. Oversees collection and exploitation activities of all sources of intelligence information. In order to do this profession, those that want to enter into it have to meet certain training requirements. AFSC: 1N7X1. 31. ��j @Ԇa�:-Ǭ�B*2km�f�g��Q���f����c֊�Y;m"2k�L͚$�4�$i}�&Q ? Air Force Intelligence Officer Training And Career Path. Male. For Entry Into This Specialty . Submission of this form provides Air Force Reserve your permission to contact you by various methods, including by text to the number entered above. Exchanges and collects intelligence with other services, agencies, and governments. From analyzing data to coordinating with other services or determining the capabilities and vulnerabilities of an adversary, these highly trained officers provide indispensable knowledge pivotal to Airmen successfully completing their missions. Develops, validates, and prioritizes targeting and GI & S activities and procedures. Typical time in the job for the Intelligence Officer is 12 years. Reviews requirements for objectives and relative priorities. Must be amember of the U.S. Air Force 2. Position Description: Lead and performs intelligence activities across the full range of military operations supporting the Air Force’s Service Core Function (SCF) of Global Integrated Intelligence, … A letter prefix or suffix may be used with an AFSC when more specific identification of position requirements and individual qualifications is necessary. stream Related DOD Occupational Group: 220700. Completion of 12 months in commissioned service after completing the Intelligence Officer Initial Skills course performing intelligence functions, Completion of a current Single Scope Background Investigation (SSBI), Completion of Officer Training School (OTS), Air Force Academy (AFA) or Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC). From housing to health, find all that you need. Welcome to the United States Air Force. Develops intelligence policies and plans. Must bebetween the ages of 18 and 39 years old 3. In order to become an Air Force Intelligence Officer, you have to meet certain requirements and qualifications.Minimum Requirements 1. Ensures operational needs are met through collection system tasking. Implements standardization, evaluation, and training programs, and monitors compliance. Intelligence Badge. 1 0 obj %PDF-1.5 During the course of their Air Force careers, Airmen sometimes switch jobs and receive multiple AFSCs to denote training in multiple specialties. 14fx information operations. The enlisted AFSC consists of five alphanumeric characters: For some specialties, an alpha prefix is used to denote a special ability, skill, qualification or system designator not restricted to a single AFSC (such as "X" for an aircrew position). Develops and implements intelligence operations and applications policies, plans, concepts, systems, and orders, including GI & S and human, signal, imagery, and measurement and signature types of intelligence. 2. Helps develop weaponeering methodologies. Performs and oversees analysis and fusion of collected intelligence, and produces assessments to meet operational requirements. We also have theater level leadership to answer to and the downrange customers to please. Intelligence Officer (Traditional Position) AFSC 14N3 ****CLOSEOUT DATE: 14 July 2020**** AUTHORIZED GRADE: Major Location: 166th Operation Support Squadron, Delaware Air National Guard, New Castle County Airport, New Castle, DE. They're often called the Jack of all Trades for Intelligence AFSCs. 15wx weather. Bachelor’s degree in one of the following: science, humanities, social sciences, structured analysis, engineering or mathematics. endobj Responsible for both protecting our information as well as collecting data from external threats, Intelligence Officers are essential to operational planning and ultimate success. Often an enlisted Airman's PAFSC will reflect a higher skill level than his or her CAFSC since the CAFSC skill level is tied to rank while the PAFSC skill level is tied to performance and education. endobj x��=koG�� �?�G�B���X,`;q.����d?P)+�I.I����몮�wij,�Ad��鮮W׫{�^m����>��_�^������䧫���Wן7�������a��z�t����k1�[l�����Wo���/_\�-����:�^�|Q$���H�6��&k�����yr?�y�⧋$�Gr���_�g�����_�H���MrA��z�_���v��[�(�*+��)�����. Completion of training co… The Intelligence Officer Community within the Air Force is small and the career path pyramids rather quickly at O-6 Colonel. 9. cn���†��h�j��2���Vm&�����Ѝx�����N���/��O�J�^� ���ͷ_%9�%�h�=*YPXP�x�*��%$ߤ��b�6?�����Kg���˿�UZ�?��{�%I��W�-��v-ަ��m:k.���}Z���8�\����"���c)4�� D"��B|���{��B��T�f��H��Q�l[`�E���styVt����+�v���N�h{#h��Jg���{��B�b%��;d�W��($��9���Ud�% ��WR�]���b�2u� ]A�R5�lW�Y�'yV��~���_K��ׄ��tM֛t��1a!Ʉ�h"�C( †q,K.�lRuY3$e�5mĮ��]Q���$��[�2�Zm��x:�$�=��a����i��Ń����G���y�o'��\hC�FdSL��Y��tC��(S*�x��G���� �qyl�n-��Mr�&�z\{� J�Dz���ݢ�'�Ө�WH+�o�n�H�&>ٛO_�hWH�r�JiA;�ؾ�`�\�}Z�/�G�g!R�C6TGS̤EC��vD�*j���$�@We���Q��{!�3 ������K�E�L� f#[i��d8 !p��,��65:�a�82���6 ��饾r� L AlOZ���)pDη]��}�����!vL5���M��� zSY�YW�Q�ݍ'��1[@;a�M��=�}J�]��G¥Q��{[�<4����+4�>���3y���P��6y��8~�T�0D28 �8~�*n2[*��%c�*nBR]�� ��#��@ This is accomplished via 4 paths: Attend Officer training school after earning a college or postgraduate degree. Conducts information operations to include analysis of information vulnerability. Provides intelligence support and assists in planning and execution of information warfare. Some level of foreign language study is highly desirable. Detailed Description. Recommends weapons allocation and application. Specialty Summary: Develops plans and policies, monitors and evaluates operations, coordinates staff activities, and advises commanders. Performs and manages intelligence operations and applications activities. 40 lbs. CCAF. Analyzes data to advise planners of options to accomplish objectives. Must hold ab… Officer AFSCs consist of four characters and enlisted AFSCs consist of five characters. In fact, recent years of advancement have created about 110 O-6's and above out of 3000 officers. Strength. Plans and implements aircrew training. ... 184th Intelligence Wing, McConnell Air Force Base, Kansas; Depending upon where you are stationed will determine the type of intelligence gathering and briefings you will be performing for your command. <>>> operations support utilization field. {Ьy�����q{q����J���t�݊�B��@�]�^,�i����h��E��Э�e4��Y��H?�@��t�i���N{� For starters, you of course have to be an officer in the US Air Force. Here is an extended listing of AFSC groups. Flights and 30-days vacation with pay each year. It's impossible to describe every possible assignment, but typically a 1N0 is involved in analysis and dissemination of Intelligence, rather than the collection of it (in which the other 1N AFSCs specialize in). Here is a list of all Air Force AFSC’s from the Air Force Enlisted Classification Directory, along with the minimum ASVAB score needed to qualify. Integrates intelligence into information operations. K���h�[a�+ǣ�e+챴����v��?��R&V�?����c���#~��?Ӏ/�&k:�d�g�ػ�o����q�M� ���7��dCֹ�\�f'~I6���� Specific Tasks: Collects intelligence information to identify source leads Supports combat operations. Each specialty is identified by a 5-digit Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC). MILITARY POSITION VACANCY (DRILL STATUS) OPENING DATE: 7 May 2020 CLOSING DATE: 1 June 2020 . Manages and coordinates intelligence activities. Programs, plans, and evaluates operations and applications resources and activities. Establishes priorities. Duties and Responsibilities. 13dx combat rescue officer. Total: 40. Coordinates intelligence estimates and analytical activities. Manages and integrates collected intelligence information. 13mx airfield operations. Reporting Identifiers, typically used for Airmen in transitive status: trainees, awaiting retraining, prisoner, etc. Reports aspects of operations and applications functions and responsibilities. Performs and directs intelligence briefings and debriefings of repatriates, defectors, emigres, foreign nationals, and United States personnel. Human intelligence specialists focus on information received during conversations, debriefings, interviews, interrogations and other interpersonal communications.

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